Chairman’s Answer: How to Make Money in the Stock Market

The simple answer is to stay invested.

“2014 was a huge year for the Philippine stock market, registering a return of over 20% to its investors. I guess the question in your mind is ‘How can I still make money in the stock market?’ The simple answer to this is to stay invested.”

This is the message of Edward Lee, Founder and Chairman of COL Financial, the largest online stockbroker in the Philippines. This was his note to COL customers as he greets them Kong Hei Fat Choi.

He goes on to point out three things:

1. The coming years will see the rise of Asian economy with significant indicators supporting a positive market outlook.

2. The flow of foreign investors is seen to continue while the equity market is likely to remain bullish.

3. The Philippines will continue to experience robust economic growth, driven by higher consumer spending, a young working population, and greater infrastructure investments.

Mr. Lee also shares the key to achieving financial independence – that is to understand and apply the three basic laws of money.

First, pay yourself consciously and invest 20% of what you make.

Second, be sure to know what companies or businesses you are investing in.

Third, when you make money, do not spend it. Re-invest it.

This big man with a big heart ends his message, “Having seen the difference that COL has made in the lives of our customers in the last 15 years – from being able to send kids to school, putting personal businesses, pursuing life-long dreams and gaining the ability to help others – these remain as our inspiration to continuously strive to build a better investing for all our customers.”

There you have it! I’m just happy to share this Chairman’s Message.

So stay invested.

If you haven’t started yet, then come on, start investing. If you are employed receiving a salary every pay day, you better consider this. This is the best time to get started.


Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


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PS 2: Do not gamble in the stock market. Be mentored. Meet a man to mentor you here.

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