It’s Not the Chances We Get

Jeff Goins, in his newest book, The Art of Work, shares that what makes life extraordinary aren’t the chances we get, but what we do with them. Jack Canfield also shares about the “formula action plus response equals outcome.”

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Indeed, our response to what happens means a lot. What we do to what is given us matters.

So you were not born with a rich family, what will you do now? So you did not emerge as a board topnotcher, what will you do now? So that girl wasn’t really the one, what will you do now?

Those should be our line of questioning rather than the opposite.

The problem is that we often hear the rather odd statements: If only I was born rich, I would do this. If only I topped the board exam, I would do that. If only she chose me, I would be this.

Well, the fact is those statements of “If only’s” are illusions.

We do not live on “If only’s”. We live on what happens and our role is to respond appropriately.

Again, it is not the chances we get. It is what we do with those chances that can determine the extra-ordinariness of our lives.

So we are aiming for this particular outcome and this is what is happening, what adjustment in our action should we take? What should we do to the chances given us?

Let us stop asking, “What could have been?” Let us start asking, “What can we do?”

Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis

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