Thanks for Supporting My First Book

I’d like to thank you today for supporting my first book, The Gift of the Ordinary.

When it was released in December of 2013, I had no idea how it will turn out. I was asking, “Will people buy it?” And if they will buy it, “Will they read it?” And if they read it, “Will they like it?”

Well, I can’t be thankful enough. The book was well accepted. Not to mention the fact that bestselling author Bo Sanchez and ANC’s Host Edric Mendoza wrote endorsements for the book, a number of readers generously gave their wonderful comments.

Readers said they were inspired. With those kind words, they just inspired me to do even more and keep improving so I can give more value to my readers.

Some bought more copies to give away as gifts. A nun said she was inspired and started writing once again. Before my second book came out, some were asking when is the next one coming out.

On the other hand, I also received a not-so-good comment. He jokingly said that he felt sleepy while he was reading the first page. And did my mother purchase 99% of the books and give away? As I can hear it, he was just joking. He was. But that comment stirred a question in me. Somehow, I doubted the value of the book. Somehow, I doubted the message I shared.

But thanks be to God and to all of you who said that I was doing a good job, that I was giving value and inspiration, and that I should keep doing what I am doing.

Because of the support you gave to my first book, it is now out for a wider reach.

Here’s my big announcement for you:

To some of my friends abroad who are asking how they can get a copy, here is now a good alternative. Buy the ebook version. Read it on Kindle.

To some of my friends working in the province and cities I cannot reach, here now is my way of sharing this book to you.

To some of my friends who prefer to read the book on their tablets or iPad or iPod or smartphones, this is it!

The Gift of the Ordinary – is now available as an ebook. You can buy it on Amazon.

Click here to find it on Amazon.

I pray that you find the extra-ordinariness of the seemingly ordinary things in your life.

Again, thank you very much for the support! God bless you more.

Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis

PS 1: Get the book on Amazon now. Click here.

PS 2: Grab this gift now and let it be a gift to yourself.

PS 3: If you act fast and right on timing, the book is FOR FREE – only on January 31, 2015. It will start by midnight of the 30th and ends by the following midnight. Grab this 24-hr FREE OFFER. After reading, remember to go back and drop a comment/review on the book. Thanks!

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I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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