Hone a Habit

You’ve heard it said, “Success is a habit.” And drawing from that, I’d say this: We need a good habit to lead us to success.

A habit can be good if it leads us to our goals. A habit can be good if it leads us to live more. A habit can be good if it leads us to love more.

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To start with, let us ask ourselves, “What are our goals?” In setting our goals, we are called to set goals that will lead us to live and love more.

Then we ask, “What are the sets of habits I need to achieve these goals?”

Let’s take some examples…

When we have a financial goal, we ask ourselves, “What are the money habits I need to develop to help me achieve this goal?” Perhaps, it is to develop a habit of setting aside 20% of your salary every pay day for your savings and investment.

When we have a career goal, we ask ourselves, “What are the skill sets I need to have to be more competent in my field?” Perhaps, one of which is communication skills. And so, you may say you need to develop a habit of speaking confidently and spontaneously during meetings. (A Toastmasters Club can help you with this.)

Pause for moment…

So what is your goal? What habits would you need to develop to achieve it?

It’s a challenge to develop a new habit. There has to be something set up to support or help facilitate honing the new habit.

Let me give one simple personal example…

One of the goals I have is to be more productive (generally stated.) But here’s the thing: To be more productive, I need to be healthier, more energetic and vibrant.

One of the key things in productivity is having a mind and body that has sufficient sleep. Hence, I need to work on my sleeping hours.

Recently, I challenged myself to sleep earlier than I used to do. I resolved to start a habit of sleeping not later than 10pm.

To support this new habit I want to hone, I set my phone to alarm me at 9pm. That time, I need to start putting things out and prepare myself to go to bed. It would mean, I need to close my laptop. It would mean last minutes of browsing over social media updates or postings. Instead of going over Facebook, perhaps I would grab a physical book and read a page or two. (Note: Physical book not an ebook on Kindle or Buqo [Kindle and Buqo are wonderful to use but not just before you sleep]. They say and I have experienced that it is a little challenging to sleep immediately after looking at the screen of your laptops or phones. The eyes need to rest a bit.)

This is just one of the habits I set upon myself to hone which I believe will help me to be more productive, also to be healthier and more energetic. This is just one of the ways you can support your way of forming a new habit.

There can be a lot of ways depending on the habit you want to hone.

I challenge you to hone a habit.

Start a new good habit today.

This way, I pray that you and I will grow closer to our goals, one habit at a time.

Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis

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