Count Your Blessings

It’s easy to remember problems but it’s a challenge to recall our blessings. This Christmas season, why not recall your blessings. You will realize that your blessings are bigger than your problems.

In fact, you reading this means you were able to topple the problems that have come your way no matter how big they might have been. If you travel back in time, you will realize how blessed you have been and how blessed you are right now.

Let’s do a little exercise: List down 12 blessings you have received during the months of this year.

Here’s my list:

    1. In January, My first book The Gift of the Ordinary started to take off after its release in December 2013.

    2. In February, I attended the #BestRetreatEver Love Life Retreat. Yes, it was life-changing. I also got the chance to come home to Baguio. One chilly morning, we went to pick some strawberries.

    3. In March, I climbed Mt. Makulot and Mt. Pico de Loro. It was an exhilarating experience with my friends. I also attended the Wealth Summit where I learned a lot about business and investments.

    4. In April, I had the opportunity to come home to Kibungan for the Holy Week then at the spur of the moment, I was at the MOA Arena for the Grand Easter Feast.

    5. In May, I attended the District 75 Convention. The contest speakers were fantastic. By the way, Tony Meloto’s presentation was also inspiring.

    6. In June, I attended the Hillsong United Concert Tour (Manila) at the jam-packed Araneta Coliseum. My takehome: “We are loved by God – whoever we are and whatever our pasts are. We come as one church not because we do good but because we are forgiven of our sins. We are showered by His grace – a scandal of grace. In whatever situation we maybe are right now, He sees you and me, saying, “Son, I love you just the way you are.” Accept His grace and respond to His love.”

    7. In July, I took a trip up north – I called it my travelling retreat. This was my itinerary. [1st stop was at a church to say a little prayer; 2nd stop was at the giant Bangui Windmills; 3rd stop was at Kapurpurawan where I had a wonderful breathing exercise atop a rock; 4th stop was at Cape Bojeador Lighthouse; 5th stop was at Patapat Viaduct that took us a long drive; 6th stop was at Bantay-Abut which came as a surprise; 7th stop was to shortly step on the sands of Hannah’s Resort; 8th stop was at Kabigan Falls where I enjoyed swimming in its cold water and kept fresh by the natural shade of tall trees; 9th stop was in Vigan where I was blessed to meet good gentlemen of God at a seminary.]

    I was also appointed as the Area Governor of Area 76 in Toastmasters (District 75). Yes, it’s a blessing and a responsibility. (Well, all blessings carry with them responsibilities which is a good thing and a good challenge.)

    8. In August, I witnessed the Ramon Magsaysay Awards and got inspired by the moving and revolutionary stories of the awardees.

    9. In September, I was again invited by Kevin Gayao, Managing Director of the Baguio Institute of Business Professionals to give the Part 2 of a personal finance seminar we conducted the previous month to a group of young professionals and college students.

    On the same month, I also met the bestselling author FQ Mom Rose Fres Fausto and attended her 50th Birthday. (You should read the bonus chapter of my 2nd book where I featured her.)

    10. In October, I attended the live Authors Crash Course as bonus for availing of the Bestselling Authors Bootcamp on DVD (by Bo Sanchez). I learned a lot from the bestselling authors in the country.

    11. In November, I also attended the live Speakers Crash Course as bonus for availing the Successful Speakers Bootcamp on DVD (by Bo Sanchez). At the Speakers Crash Course, Bro. Obet Cabrillas affirmed my potential as a speaker after hearing my camote story.

    I also had a blast at the country’s biggest inspirational event of the year – the Kerygma Conference 2014: Lifted High. Here’s the wonderful bonus, I brought home a paper plane with prayers highlighting the following blessings: loving relationships, happy & healthy life, success & freedom, financial blessings, healing in all areas, and love life – one true love.
    Also in November, I have achieved my Advanced Communicator Gold norm in Toastmasters.

    12. This December, I have finished writing my second book titled 7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations. It will be released in January 2015. (More details at

    Just this week, I was also invited to be a columnist to the Herald Express, a weekly newspaper in Baguio City. And I said yes! (Thanks, Sir Armando, Tom, and Kevin.)

To list the blessings you received is not to brag. No one is entitled to brag. But everyone is entitled to give thanks for all the graces we received from God.

Now, make your list. And as you list them down, be reminded how blessed you are. Reminisce the moment. Feel the joy in your heart. Be revitalized.

As we celebrate Christmas, relish the gifts you have been receiving from Above. And give thanks.

Live your dream,

Chris Dao-anis

PS: My second book ‘7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations’ will be released in January. Get the opportunity to pre-order a copy, visit

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2 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. Let’s do a little exercise: List down 12 blessings you have received during the months of this year.

    Here’s my list:
    1. January I had a formative evaluation from my sisters in the community that voted for my renewal of vows. . I send my renewal of vows request to Rome in our Generalate House.
    2. February I given a chance to facilitate the recollection of graduating Nursing students at Dr. Carlos Lanting College,Quezon City.
    3. March 25 I received the new from our delegate that I was accepted for renewal of my vows to the congregation.
    My first batch of students graduated all.
    4. April I went home for my annual vacation and when I arrived from vacation we had our Congregation retreat at Baguio City.
    5. May 13 the most awaited time of my being a religious sister our renewal of vows.
    I started my LET review classes.
    6. June I started the school year of teaching and studies.
    7. July I meet my olden college friends after 5 years.
    I meet new friends in the review classes and eventually become my good friends till now.
    I was blessed to know and meet the owner of the Review Center.
    I am thankful to Christ that I meet a young author named Chris-Dao-Anis who shared his gift of writing to young minds.
    8. August I took the LET exam.
    I was in great gratitude to God for the 65th Birthday of my Mother.
    9. September I meet my best friend for not seeing each other for almost 7 years because of career commitments.
    10. October I and the community went to to Vigan, Batac and Laoag for vacation.
    I attended the Congregation Delegation Gathering in Bicol and perpetual profession of our junior sisters.
    I passed the LET board exam.
    11. November I celebrated my Natal Day in Bicol with all the sisters in the congregation.
    12. December I will be with my immediate family for Holidays.
    December 3 I had my Oath taking for Professional Teachers at SLU-Baguio City.
    December I had my recollection in Tarlac City.

    1. Thanks, Sr. Jesh, for sharing your list of blessings. I pray for more blessings to you. To God be the glory!

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