Why a Book on Dreams and Who is Chris Anyway?

So why write a book on dreams and who am I anyway?

You sensed it – I am about to release my second book and it is about dreams. The book is titled 7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations.

Let me answer the question why write a book on dreams.

Dreams are invitations for us to make a difference.

In other words, dreams are invitations for us to live our purpose.

They say that our purpose is where our greatest desire meets the world’s deepest needs. We desire our dreams. Our dreams signify our desires. Somehow, we are to pinpoint on that common spot as well and see how it is aligned to our purpose. In a way, achieving our dreams can lead us to better understand and see clearer our purpose.

Therefore, we ought to act on our dreams. We ought to achieve our aspirations. We ought to decide to aspire for our desires. Through our dreams, we push ourselves to make a difference.

I hope to expound on this on another article. So stay tuned by subscribing here.

Now who am I to talk about dreams?

I may not be the big guy you are admiring to become. I may not have achieved all my big dreams yet.

Others may say, “Isn’t that the guy from the province? Isn’t that the guy from a small poor town? Isn’t that the guy who studied in a public school from elementary to high school?”

Yes, I am that guy. But I’m here to say that I am no less than anybody (also not greater than anybody).

I am a dreamer and also a dream achiever. I have journeyed in this life and somehow, some of my dreams have been achieved.

I have also met and observed people who I look up to. People who have achieved much and people who we can say are successful. People I and probably you want to be as well.

And I have come to see seven commonalities in them. I shared these seven in the second book that I wrote; hence, 7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations.

In my attempt to travel toward success, I have stories, insights and examples to share. I have chronicled them in this soon-to-be released book.

So there I hope I answered concisely these two questions: why I wrote a book on dreams and who am I to write about it.

Oh let me share with you what the bestselling author Bo Sanchez says about this book:

Photo courtesy of Bo Sanchez's FB page
Photo courtesy of Bo Sanchez’s FB page

“I enjoyed reading Chris’ book. I know it will help many, many people.”

And here’s also a word from Edric Mendoza, Lead Anchor of ABS-CBN’s News Channel Show On the Money:

Photo courtesy of Edric Mendoza's FB profile
Photo courtesy of Edric Mendoza’s FB profile

“Chris is a great example of someone who has been faithful with what God has brought his way. From humble beginnings, he did not let those circumstances define him, and cause him to grumble. Instead, he pursued excellence, rose above the circumstances, and is now an author, an author of his second book! I believe that underlying the 7 keys he discusses in this book, is Chris’ character trait of faithfulness which makes the book so much more powerful. So let’s be faithful!”

I am so excited to share the book with you and your friends as well.

Empower yourself this upcoming 2015 with the help of this book.

I’m excited for you!

Live your dream,

Chris Dao-anis

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