4 Keys to Achieve Your Dream of Finally Writing a Book

When I was a young boy, I dreamed of writing a book. Whenever I see a good book, I devoured it and told myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to write a book like this?”

That was more than fifteen years ago. In December 2013, I was able to publish my first book. But it did not happen as simple as that. At some point in my life, the burning fire of writing a book vanished its flame in my heart.

[Featured image courtesy of http://www.authorsha.com/write/%5D

As I go through schooling, my dream of writing a book was drowned by other dreams like graduating in college with honors, passing the CPA Board Exam, joining a top accountancy firm or a multi-national company.

Somehow, I have forgotten my dream of writing a book but the dream never left me. In high school and college, I have been writing articles. As I joined Toastmasters in 2010 while working, I also have been writing speeches.

Meeting a Young Author in Person…

In 2011, I personally met the young author – a fellow Toastmaster – Sha Nacino as I got my copy of her first ever book Think Rich, Yuppies. (I actually met her first in 2010 in a Toastmasters training, she was not yet an author then. Her fellow club member Rina Tiangco introduced me to her. Right the very first time, Sha was friendly and approachable.)

Chris Dao-anis with Sha Nacino in July 2011. Chris delivered a graduation speech and Sha was one of the three evaluators.
Chris Dao-anis with Sha Nacino in July 2011. Chris delivered a graduation speech and Sha was one of the three evaluators.

After reading her first book, I told myself, “If a young lady can write a book like this that adds value and inspiration to people, I probably can do it too.”

Educating and inspiring people has always been my passion. To add to that, I even told a friend as I lend him the book, “I will soon be writing my book just like Sha!” My friend smiled and grabbed the book from me.

When my manuscript was ready in November of 2011, I asked Sha to write a foreword for my first book. Being a kind friend, she did.


Meeting an author in the flesh makes magic. It makes a dream more reachable when you get to meet people who already have achieved your dream.

Yes, my dream to write and publish was a book was re-fueled.

It also helped that in the same year, I finally met bestselling authors like Bo Sanchez and Larry Gamboa. From then on, I continue to meet several authors and speakers.

Chris Dao-anis first met Bo Sanchez in August 27, 2011. From then, the unspoken mentor-mentee relationship sparked in Chris' young mind and heart.
Chris Dao-anis first met Bo Sanchez in August 27, 2011. From then, the unspoken mentor-mentee relationship sparked in Chris’ young mind and heart.

I read their books and learn from their examples. In some seminars, they do share their secrets.

All the while, I regularly meet Sha at The Feast PICC (the weekly prayer meeting led by Bo Sanchez) and in Toastmasters. She is approachable and down-to-earth. We became friends. Her articles in her blog are also worth reading as she continues to write books/e-books worthy of your money and minute.


sha recomm


As soon as the dream was re-fueled in my heart, I visualized the end result. I see myself holding the book that I have written. I felt the feeling of being an author.

Plus, I told a friend that I will write a book. To cap it on, I also wrote it down in my list of dreams.

Those are the first two keys. Sha Nacino call these two: RESULT and INSPIRATION.

For the the other two keys, I’ll borrow Sha’s list:


There is a way to systematize writing a book. With the vastness of writing and publishing, we can be drowned by voluminous tasks if we will not systematize and use the tools available to make our “project” achievable.

Sha said that with her system, she was able to write and publish six books in a span of 18 months while working full-time for a bank. How did she do it? Learn how at http://www.authorsha.com/write/.


Let’s face it. Writing a book is not an easy task. It is difficult. Along the way, we will get tired, bored, and feel low. We need encouragement to keep us moving.

Encouragement can be in terms of a challenge you place upon yourself like a deadline or words of support from friends.

Finally, as mentioned in my previous article, it is the little things that makes magic. Successful authors say that you’ve got to learn to write everyday. Again, it’s the little things that compound. That’s why when you want to write a book, I suggest you start a blog and write posts on a regular basis.

With this discipline, your dream of finally writing and publishing a book might become a reality right before your eyes.

Ultimately, writing a book is not just for the sake of writing a book to brag.

Writing a book is about a good message that you want to share.

Writing a book is about empowering people.

Writing a book is about educating and inspiring people.

Writing a book is about changing lives.

Writing a book is about sharing God’s love to other people.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

PS 1: Today, I have finished the manuscript of my second book and it is now with my editors. Some friends are asking me how they can also write a book. At times, I share what I know but seriously I am still learning the basics as well. I have attended seminars by top authors in the country but I am still on the first phases of this journey that I might not be able to guide one through and through in the process.

But here’s a good news. My friend Sha Nacino developed a book writing course. In it, you will learn the following:

1. How to write your book
2. How to publish your book
3. How to market and sell your book

It’s a 12-week course to be done online. If you are success, you’ve got to see the details of this course at http://www.authorsha.com/write/

PS 2: Want to write a book in 90 days? Check this out.

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