It’s the Little Things Everyday that Makes Magic

I just finished reading the book Eventual Millionaire by Jaime Tardy.

One of my realizations is that we, wanna-be millionaires, often tend to forget the sauce that really made the big names a success.

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Yes, successful men and woman share their big successes. They share what fueled them. But oftentimes, they do not talk about the mundane tasks that they have been doing to be able to reach the peak they are right now in.

And probably not because they do not want to share but probably because we do not ask them the question.

But the good thing is that there are successful people who share and declare this magical statement:

It’s the little things that we do everyday that makes magic.

I love it when Bo Sanchez talked about the power of little things.

Photo courtesy of Bo Sanchez's FB page
Photo courtesy of Bo Sanchez’s FB page

As successful as he is, he shares the magic sauce in his success – it is the little things. He is savoring his successful marriage – he openly says that he kisses his wife everyday (even in times when he don’t feel like it) and he dates his wife every week [which he does with each of his two boys as well]. In his investment seminars, he also shares about the magic of compounding; you don’t start with millions but a few thousands of pesos that you put in your investment regularly that will make millions through the years. And why is he a bestselling author that comes up with truck loads of materials that nourish thousands of readers? Aside from the fact that he preaches what he has been practicing, he himself says that he reads a lot and keeps on learning and learning. He travels not just to give talks but also to listen to other speakers. He seeks out mentors. And he gets into the field and do his work. And applies the magic of the little things.

It’s the little things that build mountains.

But often times, what we want to hear are the short-cuts, the secrets, the tricks. Maybe there are.

Nevertheless, a huge chunk of the things we should be asking successful men and women that we should know and apply are the small things that must be done on a daily or weekly basis that will lead us to success.

Can I share a personal example and on a smaller level?

Just today, I’ve read the email confirmation from Toastmasters International that I am now an Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG).

ACG Chris Dao-anis

This is like the fourth level or norm as we call it. One more project and a few other leadership roles that I will take on and I will soon be granted the DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) norm. Somehow, this is another achievement but this did not happen overnight. I had to deliver speeches during meetings. Mind you, those are not super-lengthy speeches. They are several short speeches – small ones during regular meetings. And with the help of my evaluators, I would learn to improve and do better as I go along. Now, ACG is down on the table and on to the next plate. (If you are not yet a Toastmaster and want to improve your public speaking skills, join other learners – join our club. Visit

We achieve our aspirations not overnight but over time.

While there would be huge leaps that must be taken once and a while and huge leaps are necessary, this I believe:

Success is not a series of huge leaps but a series of small steps consistently done on a daily basis.

And with the magic of compounding, the results will begin to show.

Today, tap on that power. Tap on the magic of little things.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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