You are BIG enough

It was 9am, Tuesday morning. And we were met by tons of transactions for the week.

At around 10am, there I was checking piles of paper works from my team.

And during these times, a lot of things can actually make your day a bad one. There can be a lot of things – little things – that can destroy your day – big time!

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Just like this one morning…

I can feel the nerves rising. There is this thing that I’m expecting but is not the one that was done.

Just a few moments ago I saw one miss out.

Then at the moment, I received an email raising another issue. Then another that was saying something that’s not really an issue but something that is just trivial.

On a daily basis, there are a lot of issues – valid and invalid ones.

And at the moment, I can feel my nerves. I was on the verge of getting angry. I can feel it. Just at the point when I was about to say something, I heard a subtle voice deep within. “You are too big to be bothered by small things.”

It was like the voice of my heart saying, “You are too big to be bothered by small things.”

It was like my Father saying, “You are too big to be bothered by small things.”

And then I reaffirmed to myself, “I am too big to be bothered by small things.”

I first heard this line from Bo Sanchez as preaches one morning at The Feast PICC. I am thankful that it came in handy the moment I needed it.

Probably, if I haven’t heard of this, I would have allowed myself to be bothered by small things.

Yes, these may be issues that must be addressed. But in the process of resolving them, I should not allow myself to be drowned in it. Addressing them is different from being bothered by them. Facing these issues is different from letting them destroy your day.

It sure is a challenge. But then again, these are small things.

At times, they are important. Maybe most of the time.

But then again, often times, these are small things. That won’t actually matter 10 years from now. Address them but don’t be bothered by them.

Focus on the big things – on what is vital rather than the trivial.

Yes, you are too big to be bothered by small things.

I was reminded of this one such morning.

Let me remind you as well, “You are too big to be bothered by small things.”

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


"I enjoyed Chris' book. I know it will help many, many people."

- Bo Sanchez, bestselling author

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