Why Value Your Waiting Time

There are times when it is better to wait rather than to rush, to appreciate the seemingly “slow motion” rather than the swift run, to value waiting rather than chase what’s not meant to be (yet).

As I write this, I was waiting for the next trip (11pm) bound to Baguio. It’s 5 minutes past 10pm and I just gave way to another chance passenger my supposed seat in the 10pm trip.

[Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

I told myself, “I’ll better just wait for my schedule trip, 11pm, so I won’t arrive so early in Baguio ahead of the sunrise. It would be better to arrive there when daylight is up already. Besides, the later the better – when it comes to traffic in EDSA on Friday night.”

Just three hours ago, I saw a post on Facebook by a priest bound to Baguio that their 4pm trip from Pasay was still along EDSA Shrine at 7pm. Terrible traffic, you say.

Here’s more – Bo Sanchez posted on Facebook a picture of a file of vehicles “parked” on a busy highway (I suppose it was in EDSA). In that post he said, he was scheduled to give a talk at 6pm but there he was stuck in traffic at 7pm. (See image below.)

Image captured from Bo Sanchez's Facebook page
Image captured from Bo Sanchez’s Facebook page

Amen – everything will work for good.

There are times in our lives that we should take the pace and not rush into something when it’s not supposed to happen yet. Or say, you are not prepared yet.

Can I share personally?

There came a time in my life as a young man (now, I still am) when I thought I was ready to enter into a relationship. So I made my first move even if something in me is saying otherwise.

Then later I realized, it’s not yet the time. That I should prepare first. That I should make some mending. To first fill myself up with love so I can have something to share to the other person rather than to enter into it pre-maturely with the wrong reasons that will lead to sucking up the love in that person which will result to a draining relationship instead of a nurturing relationship. (Of course, not to wait for its perfection – it wouldn’t come – but somehow to a certain level that’s ready.)

There was also a time when I thought I’m ready to take off my employee hat or rather to still have it but pursue a different path. I made a little jump but then I had to turn around because things are not ready yet and I’m not ready yet.

Thanks to the words of Bo Sanchez that I’ve read somewhere at that time. It speaks about rejection.

Truly, rejections are not rejections but redirections.

Either you are meant for something else or you are not ready yet for that matter.

The way to go about it is to wait. But not just to wait – we are called to actively wait. That is – to do something to make you ready for that thing you are waiting. Or to do something to arrive at something you are redirected to.

In “love life,” while we are waiting for the one, we are called to be the one. While looking for the one we want to be with, we are called to become the one that we want the other is looking for as the one.

We wait – actively wait. Not idle waiting but doing something while waiting.

To appreciate the moment while waiting.

To make the most of the moment while waiting.

To value waiting.

Because in those times that we wait, we are given the chance to prepare. We are given the chance to clarify. We are given the chance to value and enjoy the process – so we can value and enjoy the result so much more.

As I end this article, I’m now seated in the 11pm trip that I was waiting. It arrived at a good time. It is still 10:33pm at this time but the bus came earlier – or rather, it came at the right time. The wait wasn’t that long. In fact, I didn’t feel I waited for 30 minutes. Rather, I had this realization that what I wrote above is true even in the seemingly mundane activity of waiting for your trip.

If this applies to bus waiting, then it applies in other areas of life as well. Be it in meeting your one true love or in pursuing your passion. Be it in your career or business.

Appreciate the value of waiting and make most out of it.

Happy waiting – actively waiting!

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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