Learn from the Best

He gave me some tips to create an inspirational speech but there’s one thing I like most that he did

I remember the time I was being helped by my mentor in IAME Toastmasters Club, Dr. Volts, for my 10th basic speech project. (The project’s main objective is to be able to inspire your audience and also to apply all the skills learned in the previous nine speech projects.)

[Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

I showed him my first draft. He read it and asked some questions. After which, he gave some suggestions. Those ones sure did help.

But here’s one thing that I benefited most at that very hour –

He took the DVD recording of the previous year’s Convention and played the videos of the 3rd placer up to the champion in the International Speech Contest of District 75 (Philippines).

Even without discussion, I learned a lot by watching “the bests” – how they delivered their speeches, what their speeches were, and their way of doing it.

That moment, I learned a lot from the best. The day when I gave my speech, I felt I was able to deliver the message I crafted with more confidence and in a way that connected to the audience better than during my previous speeches.

This was taken during a speech contest, not during my 10th speech project. But the suit I was wearing was the same, but different shirt and tie hehe. :)
This was taken during a speech contest, not during my 10th speech project. But the suit I was wearing was the same; oh yes, my shirt and tie were different hehe. 🙂

Often times, getting the opportunity to talk with these people – THE BEST – is very rare. Or if there were chances to meet high profiles or celebrities or those you idolized and wanted to learn from, it will cost you a lot. And if you can afford those events, time is also limited – very limited.

Sure it greatly helps when we get to attend events where we can see them eye-to-eye, while they are up the stage and you are seated in the audience. So if we get the chance to do so, we are encourage to grab the opportunity and get into the moment. However, those times do not come often as we may wish.

Good news: There is another way to learn from the best – one which we can do more often.

We can learn from the best by watching them – actual, virtual or digital.

For example, since I want to become a better speaker, I took times to watch videos on YouTube. I search for videos of world champions in public speaking. I search for powerful speeches of inspirational speakers internationally and locally.

Also, here’s something I love. I get to learn a lot by watching one of the best if not the best speaker in the country — almost every week. Every Sunday, whenever I’m not out-of-town, I attend The Feast at the Philippine International Convention Center. The Feast is really a gift to me. Not only do get nourished through the mass, and the powerful and practical preaching of Bro. Bo Sanchez – I also receive a huge bonus. As I learn from the content of his talk, I also get to watch him — how he delivers his message, how he engage the audience, how he shares soulful stories, and a whole lot more.

Image captured from www.thefeastpicc.com
Image captured from http://www.thefeastpicc.com

I believe I am learning from the best. Even just by watching them. This – you can do more often. I suggest we capitalize on this. Of course, not ignoring the other learning events that we should attend as well.

I suppose this also applies in other areas. For example, those who watch NBA playoffs more often and really glue their eyes on how the Lebron or Kobe does his thing, you can observe an improvement in their performance in the hard court.

Of course, watching alone won’t do the magic. There should be right practice, constructive feedback, coaching, mentoring and all others but watching them is part of the recipe. And it plays a good part.

Also, as we get to watch the bests more often, we are drawn to how they do things and we get to learn from them. Talk about the Power of Focus and Law of Attraction.

At times, the drawback is that we might be unconsciously “copying” them. It may seem bad as it may project that you are not being yourself. But I believe it’s not. It’s part of the growth process. Somehow, we go through those stages. Eventually, our very own voice will emerge and arise with its own potential and power.

Personally, there are a lot of things I still need to learn. And this is one of the ways I do to bridge the wide gap in my knowledge and skills. You can apply this as well.

Learn from the best by watching them. Be it actual (in live events like seminars, conventions or interviews), virtual (YouTube helps a lot) or digital (DVD recordings).

Let me know your story. How about you? How are you learning from the best? Share your comments below.

Together, let’s learn from the best. And be our best.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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