Two Things You Need to Achieve Your Dreams

Last Saturday, I had a great time hosting a wonderful seminar. Not only did I have a great time hosting, I also had a great time learning. Oh, I should mention I also had fun singing with the Acoustic Dreamers – my friends Jill, Mae, Divina Joy and Milmarch.

It was a rainy morning then but the participants rolled in early to be able to take part of the stories and strategies imparted in that seminar.

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I’m talking about the seminar-workshop How to Achieve Financial Success by Creating a Vision Board conducted by the Wonder Writer Sha Nacino and Vision Board Lady Trixie Baretto Esguerra. (Thanks, Sha and Trixie, for inviting me to be part of the event.)

If I am to summarize the personal learning I had, it would be these two things. And if you do these, you will be able to achieve your dreams.

These are very basic but most often forgotten and neglected!

First, you need to ATTRACT.

So how do you attract the things you want?

When I first heard of the Law of Attraction, it bumped into the walls of my young mind as I thought it as something esoteric. But later on, it dawned on me how simple it is and how powerful such law is. And it works whether you believe it or not. It just happens. Just like the law of gravity.

This law states that you attract what you focus on. Because what you focus on grows.
One way to make this work to your advantage is by surrounding yourself with representations of things you wanted.
This is where the power of vision board comes in.

But first, you have to very clear of what you really want. It should be clear and specific.

For example, don’t just say, “I want to earn more money.”
Say, “I want to earn P100,000 per month in the sales of my Product A.”

One way to make it clearer is by writing your dreams.

Next, make it visual. You may draw or cut out pictures representing the dreams that you have written down. From these, you create your vision board.

Everyday, have time for yourself. Have a ‘me-time.’ Have time with your dreams. Read those you that have written down. Take a look at your vision board. Remind yourself of the dreams you have in life. See in your eyes the end state that you want to achieve and rev yourself up.

This is step is so powerful but it should not stop here. The second step should come in.

The speakers Sha Nacino and Trixie Baretto Esguerra, the Acoustic Dreamers (Jill, Mae, Divine, March, and Chris [I'm part of it]), the timers, and the host (Chris)
The speakers Sha Nacino and Trixie Baretto Esguerra, the Acoustic Dreamers (Jill, Mae, Divine, March, and Chris [I’m part of it]), the timers Michelley & Czar, and the host (Chris)

Second, you need to ACT.

Of course, you need to act on your dreams.

Do you want to be a bestselling author? Then sit down and write.

Do you want to be an inspirational speaker? Then stand up and speak.

Do you want to increase your sales? Then learn to make more sales. Attend seminars if you need to. Learn to meet other people and speak to them and get to know their needs that you can address.

Identify the little things that you can do to achieve the dreams that you have defined in step one.

Once you identified the action steps, then go out, roll up your sleeves and actually do them.

In closing…

Ask yourself, “How are you attracting the things that you want?”

Second, “How are you acting on the things that you want?”

Today, start attracting. Start acting. What are you waiting for?

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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