How to Solve a Problem

To be able to solve a problem, you have to focus on the solution.

Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the purpose.

I heard this from Bo Sanchez at the Feast PICC and let me share it with you as well:

Be purpose-oriented, not problem-obsessed.

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Funny, you may say but I’ve met a lot of people who are problem-obsessed.

All they do is to complain and to criticize. All they do is look at the problem in different angles, views, and perspectives. But they stop there!

And if I ask them what are they doing to solve the problem, they say, “Nothing! I can’t do anything about it.”

Exactly the thing! They cannot do anything about it. So here’s my suggestion:

Ask the question, “Is it relevant? Can I make it irrelevant?”

There are a lot of times when a problem is, yes, a problem but not necessarily a problem that you are to solve.

For example, there is a problem in the government about corruption resulting to economic problems in the country.

What are your options with this problem raised:

– Complain about the situation?

– Criticize the president and asked him to step down?

– Command the senators to freeze their pork?

Will these work? Is it your task to solve the problem on corruption? Is it your task to complain about the government? Think about it.

Yes, there is a need that you be mindful of what’s going on around but you cannot solve a problem by trying to attack the things that are beyond your control.

What you can do is to take charge of what you can control.

For example:

– You start managing your spending habits.

– You start saving and investing.

– You attend seminars and learn how to make things better.

– You can start a business.

I hope you take these options that you can really take charge.

Yes, we hate corruption. But we cannot solve corruption by focusing on it. People who have direct commands relating to government processes may do something to directly address it. But for you and I – private citizens – can do something else.

Step back and ask – what can be the purpose why I hate corruption? Because I aim for economic freedom. I am concerned about financial freedom.

Then that’s where you are going to put your focus.

Be purpose-oriented, not problem-obsessed.

Let’s bring on more solutions for a better way of life.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


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