How to Shift into Your Season

How would you life to be able to perform more, produce more, and get to live a life of excellence and enjoyment?

You can do this by shifting into your season.

This may sound a tall order and it is. But it does not stop us to respond to the challenge. After all, if we achieve such state even just a part of it, it will give us a wondrous benefit.

So how can you shift into your season?

One Sunday at the Feast (through Bro. Bo Sanchez), I got two answers for this question:


What brought you to where you are now may not bring you to where you want to go. It is then necessary to learn new things. The old way of doing things may not work anymore.

Sometimes, what hinders us from achieving our aspirations is the lack of unlearning. Sometimes, we need to detach ourselves from the things that are so much attached to us.

We need to learn the new way of doing things. The good thing in here is that there are people who already have figured it out and are willing to share their wisdom to us.

My personal example: I wanted to be a better speaker so I signed up as an Envoy member to Bo Sanchez’s Speakers Club with the directorship of Arun Gogna. Even if I just depend on the videos and newsletters they send online because I am not able to attend their live events (with higher fees), I still learn a lot with my open mind and get to apply several concepts and techniques that the masters are sharing. I can’t wait to hear the upcoming video lesson.

I also attempt to seek coaching or mentoring in other areas or things that I do.

The key is to be open and be coachable. Be open to the right coaches.


Someone said, “If you are the most intelligent man in the room, it’s time to find another room.”

My take on this is that you should not be content and stay stuck in a room where you are the smartest. You may stay and help the others raise themselves. But it should also not stop you from going into other rooms to learn from smarter guys.

Be surrounded by people who have gone to the places you want to go. Hang out with people who already are living the life that you want to live.

This is why I attend the Feast where people are just so wonderful. This is why I get to go out and meet other people. This is why I continue to be in Toastmasters and attend meetings of other clubs other than my own club. This is why I force myself to break out of my shell to introduce myself to the big guys and somehow pick their brains or listen to their insights.

Be in a good community that will lift you up.

Practicing these two concepts, may be challenging. Some may say something that you want to hear. But that’s OK.

Don’t be stuck in the prison of fearing what other people will say about you. As long as you hold the truth that what you are doing will be something beneficial to you and will help you in serving your purpose in the world, go ahead and do it.

I pray that you and I will shift into our season and be of greater help to ourselves and to others.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


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