God Is Love? Not Until I Realized

They say that how you see yourself is how you see your “God” and how you see your “God” is how you see yourself.

Somehow, in the past, there were times when I didn’t seem to see and feel the love of God.

But when I look back again and see the past and the present, I see those moments of God’s love.

Even if the love of God is always there, there are times that I do not recognize Him and His Love. Hence, once and a while, it takes a little reminder to understand and claim and acknowledge that God is a loving God, indeed!

Today, let me share to you some love letters based on my personal reflections.
Somehow, I needed this constant reminder especially during the times that I feel unworthy of His love, especially during the times that I feel so unpure… The love of God can heal.

If you can relate to this, let it be your prayer as well…

My Letter to God:

Father God,

Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for being there and have always been there for me.

I’m sorry, forgive me for all my sins.

Thank you for healing my brokenness, my addictions.
I fall at times but you do not fail to reach out to my hand and lift me up.

I lift up to you all of me.
I offer my life to you.
I’m not sure what lies ahead of me
but I’m sure that you will always be there for me,
guiding me, leading me, teaching me, forgiving me,
loving me all the days of my life.

Thank you so much.

Continue to teach me to love myself, my family, the people around me, and most of all – YOU.

Unveil Your face.

Thank you for all the grace and gifts.

Thank you for this life and love.

May I live and love as you want me to be.

Your child,

Chris D


God’s Letter to Me:


I love you.
I have loved you even before you were born,
even before you did any good,
despite of all the wrongs you’ve done.

I have bestowed you gifts because you are my child.

Receive my love.
Fill yourself with my love
so you may overflow in love as you love others,
your family, and the people around you.

Unwrap the gift I have given you.
Use it to serve yourself and others.
In so doing, you serve me.

Always remember, you are my child.

I love you.

I forgive you.

You have been healed.

You are whole once again.

Live your life. Love life!

Loving you,

Father GOD

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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