How to Produce More Profits

In my twenty years of observing (since I started at six years old), I learned that profit-making is service-rendering. So when you serve, you receive profits. But not all service produces profit – at least, the financial one; though, in essence, you always produce profit (non-financial and/or financial) whenever you serve.

Stated differently, all profit-making comes from service-rendering.

But profit is not the goal as it is not the end of the endeavour. The goal of service is to serve. It just so happen that there is a side-effect, a good one – a by-product that is called profit.

Here’s what I realized, when you serve the world with your gift, you can’t help but be paid back. It’s like a natural law. It is the law of the universe. Life pays you back when you give away value.

The most common and the first profit that comes to mind is money. Yes, on top of the non-financial gains that you receive when you serve, you also receive money – not all the time but in due time. After all, money is a symbol of value. And if you give value, then you receive something of value as well. And that value can be a good feeling, a word of appreciation, an act of service back to you, or in the form of money.

That’s how profit is produced.

So there, the answer is now obvious. To be able to receive more profit, you simply have to serve more.

The question now is this? “In what ways can you serve more?”

You serve more by giving the world your gifts.

What are the things that you love to do? Identify them.

And what are the things that you can do? Recognize them.

Put them together and serve the world like never before.

And the days will come when you are busy serving, you won’t even have to force it but profit comes in naturally as the by-product of your service, with the main product as service for the sake of service with a sense of fulfilment.

Today, start serving the world with your gift.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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PS 1: I’d want to hear from you. Drop your comments below. How have you started serving the world with your gift?

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