How to be a Gentleman?

There are a lot of ways to be a gentleman.

“How can I be a gentleman?” the young Juan asked his father.

The father replied, “When there’s a door and there’s a woman about to enter, you open the door for the woman.”

Then young Juan looked at his father, “Dad, I now get it. I do that. But are there other ways to be a gentleman?”

“Oh, yes. Here’s another one,” the father replied. And he continued, “When there’s another door and there’s another woman about to enter, you open the door for the woman.”

Yes, a lot has been said about being a gentleman. And some may even appear to just keep playing and re-playing in daily conversations. Those are the ones that are most common and are the ones that can be seen or portrayed more in public. They are good to practice but there’s more than those overt display of being a gentlemen.

There’s more. Those that are inwardly directed and these make a huge difference.

Let me share one to you today.

Trash porn!

Do it now. Trash porn because porn is a trash.

You do not want to spend a precious part of your life looking at trash, right.

Let me be honest with you. Well, I may not have been addicted to pornography but I have to admit that in certain occasions in the past, I looked at them and foolishly found hallow and false satisfaction from it.

Do yourself a favour now. Trash porn out of your life.

Andy Stanley, in his talk The Gentleman’s Club, shared that the moment you sit down and entertain yourself with pictures of naked women, you are telling and declaring to yourself the following:
– Real body will never be good enough.
– One body will never be good enough.
– My wife’s body (My future wife’s body [for the singles]) will never be good enough.

These thoughts are exactly what you are declaring the world and feeding yourself everytime you see porn, everytime you turn from page to page of naked women. With this, you are gradually being programmed into the poison of porn.

Trash this now!

Be warned: Porn is a drug that deadens your desire for real women.

Don’t even think this is just a pastime. Note that your pastime is not just a pastime but a pathway to something in life. Make your pastime a good one instead of a trash.

Today is the day. Now is the moment. To decide and be a gentlemen.

Renew your mind to think differently from what the society and media falsely portray.

Make up your mind to behave differently and create a pathway that is best for your life’s goodness.

Stop treating women as a commodity.

Start honoring women – be that a woman you are interested in or not.

Start respecting women – be that woman you are attracted to or not.

Just like you, they are made in the image and likeness of God. Love them. Honor them. Respect them.

Be a gentleman today! In this way, you empower yourself to a create wonderful life ahead of you.

Life your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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