Work Your Way to Success

There are many ways to work your way to success – hard work, perseverance, determination, courage, etc. But today, let’s talk about another way: RECEIVE NOURISHMENT.

When you are nourished, you can do wonders. When you are nourished, you can go the distance. When you are nourished, you can run miles.

In what other ways are you going to nourish yourself?

You can nourish yourself in two areas: spiritual and practical nourishment.

One, spiritual nourishment.

There are times that I feel disconnected. There are times that I feel down. There are times that I get lazy.

There are times that even if I am not physically exhausted but I feel exhausted. There are times when everything seems to be OK but something is not OK. These are the times when I get spiritually exhausted.

There are times when we forget to nourish our spirit. We have to. We have to reconnect to our Source.

For example, attend mass on Sundays. For me, this is not a Sunday obligation but rather a privilege to get spiritually nourished. Let us take these opportunities for nourishment.

Look for a church where you can get nourished. Seek for a community that shall help you get nourished with the love of God.

When I moved to Makati in 2010, I was so thankful that there is a church near my place that I can go to for mass. I am also thankful that in 2011, I started attending the Feast in PICC where I get nourished in many ways through the mass, the worship, and the preaching. (Visit

It is so important to stay spiritually nourished.

Some may say, “But I have not been to church for so long and I feel that I have sinned big time! I’m ashamed to go to mass.” You are not alone. And what you feel should not stop you from receiving the nourishment you need.

We are sinners. You and I have committed sins, big time! In a lot of ways, we have exhausted our spiritual bank accounts. But hey, the more exhausted we are, the more that we should seek His nourishment.

Remember the last scene of the parable of the prodigal son? When the father saw his son from the distance, he ran to meet him and embraced him. Same with us with God. After all the wrongs that we have done, when we go to God, He runs towards us to embrace us.

So at whatever point you are in right now, I invite you to get spiritual nourishment. You are given the privilege to nourish your spirit.

And while we get spiritual nourishment, we also need to get the next one.

Second, practical nourishment.

We are human beings living in a practical world. We have to get practical nourishment.

In other words, we need to learn the practical how-to’s of life – in business, career, and relationships. At work, with our families, in the community. With your boss, with your girlfriend, or with your cat. 

This is the reason why I love reading books because I learn a lot about life. I get practical nourishment through them.

This is also why I love the Feast because it is not just about spiritual nourishment. Every Sunday, I also receive practical nourishment. It can be about developing my career, achieving my dreams, enhancing my leadership skills, taking care of my relationship with other people, building a business, starting an investment, and a lot of practical stuff in the light of spiritual guidance.

In 2010, I joined Toastmasters mainly to enhance my communication skills.

Just last week, I also filed my leaves to be able to attend seminars and conferences. They are lined up in my calendar.

They say that wise is the man who learns from his experience, but wiser is the man who learns from the experience of others. I couldn’t agree more. And the good thing is that wise people are generous in sharing the lessons they learned through books, talks, and a lot of different media.

They surround us. We just have to seek them and get practical nourishment from them. We need them.

Sadly, those who most need of one, does not seek for one. I hope you are not of them.

So get nourished. Receive spiritual and practical nourishment, and work your way to success!

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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