Get Out of the Danger Zone

Let me tell you about a plant that went out of its danger zone.

After the installation of then Division K Governor Betsie Krueger in 2011, each of us were given a token – a gift to remember from the event.

This is something different from the usual that I receive on events such as this. Each of us were given a small fortune plant.

Yes, it was small fortune plant in a small pot.

I brought it home.

“At last, I now have a plant at home,” I told myself.

There was no corner inside to place it so I put it in the bathroom. I thought, it will benefit from the cool temperature inside even without an aircon. So there, it stayed.

I watered it regularly. I talked to her, too.

But a week after, I noticed something that I was not expecting. One leaf was turning brown. And there’s more. Its stalk was turning pale.

“What went wrong?” I asked.

Then I remember the basic Science lesson taught to me when I was in Grade 2. “Plants need sunlight!”

So after I took a shower that morning, I brought out the small fortune plant and was thinking of giving it to our Nanay.

I was reluctant at first. I didn’t want to give it to her because I wanted the cute plant inside. But I also had to let it out. Otherwise, it would rot and die.

I thought I had to maintain it in the safe zone inside but then I also thought it had to go out for the sunlight even if it’s in the danger zone.

Finally, I gave it.

“Here, include it with your other plants outside the window. It’s dying inside. I think it needs sunlight.”

One morning a week after that, I look outside the window to check the plants. The fifth pot was my fortune plant. This moment, I saw something different.

What was then turning brown is now vibrantly green. The stalk that was then turning pale is now showing a strong and firm skin.

I was so happy with what happened to my small fortune plant. It turned healthy. I turned to Nanay and said, “It will grow robustly.”

One Saturday, I went out of my room as the morning sun started peeping on the window.

“Good morning, Nanay!” I greeted her with a happy cheer. But she looked at me and said, “Chris, your fortune plant fell down to the ground floor. Your Tatay placed it on the side but did not put it back to where it should be. But I recovered it.”

“What?! It fell down this high? I knew it! Danger zone! I shouldn’t have let it out.”

“Did it survive? Is it still kicking? (as though the fortune plant has a leg)”

“Oh yes. It just lost some of its soil so I had to get from the other pot. It has some bruises while three or four leaves were cut. But it is still alive!”

“Good then!” I sighed.

Months after that incident, I was looking afar from the window trying to spell out something out of nothing in the horizon.

Then at one moment, I look down and saw the plants. And guess what I saw.

The fortune plant is now bigger, taller and greener. And it is now in a larger pot.

It GREW! Yes, it grew robustly! It grew into what it is meant to grow to.

Why did I share about that plant?

Because I want you and me to be reminded of this:

What you think as the DANGER ZONE outside is actually the GROWTH ZONE. And what you think as the SAFE ZONE inside is actually a DANGER ZONE – a decay zone that one shouldn’t stay in.

Today, I challenge you to get out of your safe zone because that is actually a danger zone. A danger zone in the sense that you decay if you just stay there.

Get out of it and go to your GROWTH ZONE. There may be risks but it is the way to growth. The sun rays may become hot at times. You may fall on a deep ravine at times. But you were made to endure all those things. Because you are meant to grow. Your are meant to become BIGGER, TALLER and GREENER. You are meant to grow robustly.

Start growing now. Get out of the danger zone now.

What is it that you have been wanting to do? What is it that you have been waiting to say? What is it that you have been dreaming to go for?

Go for it! Face the risk! Calculate and consider the risks but don’t let them stop you from accomplishing the things you want to do. Don’t let them make you stay in your danger zone.

Today, start moving to your growth zone.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


The Gift of the Ordinary

My first ever book The Gift of the Ordinary is about to be launched. Oh, and you know what – Ms. Betsie Krueger also made a great role in editing my manuscript. (She had a hard time!) Thanks to my editors because like the fortune plant, the manuscript also grew into something better.

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