How to Make the Most Out of Life

“The only way to live an awesome life is to think of your death everyday.”

Those were the big words from Bo Sanchez at the opening talk of this year’s Kerygma Conference.

“Imagine what would the older you tell the younger you,” he continued.

Then he shared five messages he heard from his old self in his ‘imagination.’ And these are also the five points I am going to share in this post. But I am not going to retell his talk so you better join us next year.

What I am going to write here are his five major points, my personal reflections, and then challenges for you and for me. Is that OK?



Message 1: “Everything goes back into the box.”

Personal Reflection: Am I busy accumulating things that I won’t bring with me when I die? Am I too focused on earthly things that I forgot the essentials?

Challenge: Think of something you can do to serve God through his people. And do that thing.

Message 2: “Honor your own dreams… The key is to focus on the one thing that God wants you to do.”

Personal Reflection: Am I living my dreams? Am I pursuing my own dreams? Or am I pursuing the dreams of others? What are the things that I can do through the gifts that He has given me?

Challenge: List the dreams that are in your heart. Do something about them starting today.

Message 3: “Don’t waste your time in useless conflicts.”

Personal Reflection: Do I use my time well? Do I waste my time in arguments that would just lead nowhere? Do I attack head on every problem? Do I choose my battles? Do I spend time with people that make me worse?

Challenge: Think of the conflicts that usually come or are on your way and assess if those are worthy battling it out. Then choose to pursue only those that matter in the end. Choose your battles.

Cut time with those that suck up your energy. Choose good company of friends to spend more time with.

Message 4: “Don’t work too hard. Always create space for love.”

Personal Reflection: Am I working too hard that I forget about my family? Am I too busy that I forget to have time for
myself and for God? Do I bring work to my home or do overtime work so often?

Challenge: Start going to work early and work smartly. Go home on time and have time for yourself and for your loved ones.

Message 5: “Enjoy the present moment.”

Personal Reflection: Am I living in my present? Or am I living in the past? Or I am too preoccupied with the future?

Challenge: Plan things that you do tomorrow but stop worrying about them. Surrender those to God. Leave past hurts in the past. Let go and let God. Move on. Enjoy the moment. Think of ways how we can make the most out of the present moment. List them down and do them.

With these five messages, I invite you to make your own personal reflections. Pray and think about these.

Then challenge yourself. What can you do to make things better compared to how things are right now?

Enjoy pondering. Enjoy the challenge.

Make the most out of life. Live an awesome life.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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