Define Your Fuel For Financial Freedom

What is the reason that drives you to earn money?

What is it that pushes you to gain wealth?

What is it that fuels you to achieve financial freedom?

Answering these questions will help you make your way to the achievement of your financial goals.

I just came from a mini-vacation and I’m sorry that I missed to share an empowering article to you last Monday. I went home to Kibungan in the province of Benguet.

As you may know, our hometown is economically-challenged and so is the family that I came from. Going back home, in my experience, brought me to a whole new level of dreaming.

You see, I already have big dreams for myself. But as I came to experience life back home, something just urged me to dream bigger.

I came to realize once again that there is much much more to do in the community. But how can one do something for his community if he has not done something yet for his family? And how can one do something for his family if he has not done something yet for himself?

To be able to help others, one has to help himself and his family first. This basic truth should be instilled once again in each one of us.

And this alone propels us to push further and further to the attainment of our goals, including financial goals. That indeed, we want to make and multiply more wealth so we can help ourselves and others.

Let me give you one example:

Image courtesy of suphakit73 /
Image courtesy of suphakit73 /

Last Sunday, I took the bus from our hometown to Baguio. Its four hours of traversing the zigs and the zags of the road with portions of it not cemented kept me holding on to the bar above my head as I firmly set my legs standing from the moment I walked to the bus up to the moment I got off. There were a lot of passengers overcrowding a single bus departing the town at 5 o’clock that chilly dawn. The driver has to strongly request one man in his teen years to give his seat to a man carrying his baby on his arms. Minutes after, a woman in her senior years boarded and had to stand with us along the bus aisle.

I whispered to myself, “This is why I wanted to have my own car.” Aside from convenience in my travels, I wanted that I may be able to go home regularly to my hometown to visit my family without much hassle along the way. That I may be able to transport my soon-to-be family to places we want to go. (It just pains me seeing mothers with their babies or pregnant women getting in the bus or jeepney and squeezing themselves to get a seat.) I wanted to transport my future beloved wife comfortably that even if she is pregnant or carrying a baby, at least, she won’t get hard up in walking through a crowded station to have that precious narrow share of seat in a crowded bus or jeepney in a noisy and hot environment.

But of course I cannot just put a loan to have a car. I have to have a steady source of income to finance my car and my car expenses – the fuel, the maintenance, the parking, the insurance, and others.

So before I even get to buy a car, I should set up my savings and investments. I should set good source of income – not just from employment but perhaps in a business.

That’s just for transport. How about a home? How about the education of your future children? How about their welfare? How about the shoes of your future wife? Wait, your girlfriend first – How about the flowers and chocolates who want to give to that lady you admire most?

How about assisting your relatives in their financial needs? How about funding an institution that helps young economically-challenged yet intellectually-gifted children to pursue their education? How about helping your church or community?

How about pursuing your other passions but money is stopping you to do so? How about your dream to help others find their voice in their respective area but your funding is not sufficient yet?

How about your goal to become wealthy to help others become one too in the name of God? How about your dream to love and serve others through your financial blessings? How about sharing the happiness that you have even without much money but money is necessary to influence others of your good thoughts and deeds?

I suppose most of us have their visions of their personal financial success. If you have none, I urge you to have one and set your financial goal.

And to help you achieve such, it is necessary to define what is it that fuels you to accomplish these things – as the ones stated above.

Define the fuel that will keep your fire burning.

Once you have this and set the “Why’s”, the “How’s” will follow.

Reflect and ponder. Define your WHY.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

Featured Image courtesy of Pixomar /

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