How to Add One More Hour to Your 24 Hours

How do you spend your 24 hours everyday?

Everyone of us live in the same world with a 24-hour cycle. Nobody has more than 24 hours right? But why is it that some seem to accomplish more while others wished they could have more time?

Somehow, I fall into such ‘complaining mode’ once and a while. I admit it. But I’d like to be intentional in dealing with it. Perhaps, I’ll just have to do some pruning. Think about it. Maybe you, too, need some pruning on some of activities. For example:

Watching TV series. I don’t sit on the couch in front of the TV too long any more but I do receive downloads of somewhat interesting TV series from my friends. While I don’t spend much time on TV, I have the tendency to spend much time watching downloaded episodes of TV series on my laptop. Believe me. I can spend the whole night watching these if I won’t tell myself to stop. Yesterday, I thought of just deleting all the files to mitigate the risk but I thought of a less harsh alternative. I’ll just keep it and when I decided to watch it, I’ll limit it to one episode per sitting. No marathon.

Checking Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds. Have you ever caught yourself just scrolling and scrolling and when it does not load anymore below, you go back to the top page for new updates and then begin scrolling down once again? I do that sometimes. Look, it is not bad to check Facebook status of your friends or read the tweets of those you follow on Twitter. But if done excessively and as if you are acting life a crazy chain-saw coming up and down, and up and down the page, you may have to start knowing when to click the X button.

Let’s cut the bullets on those two. I won’t add to the list anymore.

Now, I’d rather take this time to give some suggestions to add more quality to the things you do within the 24-hour cycle of days and nights. These are my suggestions to myself, too.

Don’t forget to sleep at night. A lot of people forget this natural law. (I’m just sad for those who work at night. They may get to sleep during the day but I experienced it and I would say that nothing beats a sleep during the night.)

Watch series using this rule: one episode in one setting. Or for movies, one is enough. Reserve the others tomorrow. That’s it.

Cut your up-down habit on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Ten to fifteen minutes may be sufficient enough to check updates of you (sometimes, you like to know what’s going on with you), of your friends, and sometimes, of the friends of your friends.

So what do you get to do with the extra time? Try doing some of these:

– Read inspirational blogs like that of Bo Sanchez at or of Francis Kong at You can also check the other articles of this awesome young man named Chris at (Ahem!). Congratulations, you are reading this. You are now one step ahead!

– Try watching videos of John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen, or the Feast (with Bo Sanchez) for inspiration, enlightenment, and guidance. Yes, for free. Check it out on YouTube.

– Practical financial stuff from the episodes of ANC On the Money or Aya Laraya’s Pesos and Sense. Just ask my friend Google and he will give you the links to these. You can go directly on YouTube, too.

Yes, have time to enjoy and entertain yourself. But you also need to have time to educate yourself. And when you educate yourself, don’t stop there. Now that you are inspired and know what to do, start doing what you should be doing. Begin the execution part. Write your goals and start striking the pins down.

Everyone is given equal value of time each day but not everyone value the time they have by spending time on things that give more value. Everyone seems to be so busy but not everyone seems to be busy with the right things.

How are you spending your 24 hours? Are you making the most out of it? With the simple suggestions given above, why not try making things right? Your first second starts now.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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