How to Level Yourself Up

You want to perform better, achieve more, and become more successful, don’t you?
We want to move to greater things!

Bo Sanchez, in his opening speech at the Kerygma Conference 2012, shared two things on moving to greater things exemplified by Elisha the day he followed the prophet Elijah.

I have to warn you, however, that these steps are not just about leveling-up your performance. This is more than just that. It encompasses a lot in moving further to life’s greatness.

It is a huge challenge yet inspiring invitation to you and me to be able to take this to heart and apply in our life.

Before we dive to the lessons, let me take you to the moment of The Call of Elisha from the book of Kings:

“Elijah left and found Elisha plowing with a team of oxen; there were eleven teams ahead of him, and he was plowing with the last one. Elijah took off his cloak and put it on Elisha. Elisha then left his oxen, ran after Elijah, and said, ‘Let me kiss my father and mother goodbye, and then I will go with you.’

Elijah answered, ‘All right, go back. I’m not stopping you!’

Then Elisha went to his team of oxen, killed them, and cooked the meat, using the yoke as fuel for the fire. He gave the meat to the people, and they ate it. Then he went and followed Elijad as his helper.”

The passage above talks about the event when Elisha was called to a greater thing – when he was called by the prophet Elijah and answered that call.

But before the anointing – signified by putting on of cloak to Elisha – there are two things that we can learn and consider in our journey to greater things.

1. Hold on to your plow

When Elijah came to Elisha, he was there plowing. Look at the scene – he was there working, not just standing or sitting. He was not passively waiting for the call to greater things. Rather, he was there working on where he is presently at.

There are times, we are not like Elisha. We dream of something bigger, we long for something greater, we hunger for more gigantic glory, but we just sit on it and wait. And the time of big break doesn’t seem to come. Then we lose our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

It shouldn’t be this way. Let’s take the example of Elisha. Elijah’s cloak will come sometime soon but for now, you have to hold on to your plow.

This is the first level. Where you are, work on it. Do not just stand and wait. You have to hold on to your plow and start working. Eventually, you’ll get what you want. Or eventually, you will be called to some bigger. You will get rewarded. But you have to work and hold on to your present plow.

2. Burn the plow

After the cloak was put onto him, this happened: Then Elisha went to his team of oxen, killed them, and cooked the meat, using the yoke as fuel for the fire.

He slaughtered his oxen and burned his plow. Ouch!

Bo shares, “An upgrade comes with pain.”

This is the second level. There will be a moment when you have to make a declaration that there is now a new you and you won’t be going back to your old self. And burn your old plow when you have to.

It may be painful to let go of your yoke that you have been using for a long time. But because the mission is much bigger than tradition, there are moments when you need to give it up for the sake of accomplishing your mission.

In our journey to greater things, there will be moments of painful sacrifice. But know that this will also come with great glorious blessing from our Great Glorious Blesser.

As for me, I’d say that I am still on the first level. And I’m holding on to my plow knowing that someday soon, the level-up moment will come. For now, I am given a team of oxen to plow the field where I am at and this alone is a big blessing. But I also look forward to a bigger blessing that is on its way.

Because when we are blessed even more, we can be a blessing to more people.
Whatever phase you are in right now, be wise on what course of action you are to take. Depending on the circumstances – either to hold on to your plow or burn your plow – make your call, seek His guidance and move to greater things.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

PS 1: The Kerygma Conference 2013 will be on November 21-24. Check it out.

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