4 Commitments to Lead Your Team to Victory

Dwayne came up to me and said, “I am the incoming president of our Toastmasters Club. Can you give me any tip to have a successful term?” I paused a second and thought of something to say.

I don’t know why he was asking me. Perhaps, because I just served my term as a president and our club once again achieved the President’s Distinguished Club status, the highest recognition a club can get at the end of every Toastmaster year.

But honestly, I do not have the magic sauce that Dwayne was asking me that day. I just said, “Mobilize your team.” However, is this really enough? Or was I able to exemplify that same thought to its optimum during my term?

If you would conduct a case study on my term as a president, you would see a lot of chances when we or I could have done something better. Along the way, we lost one or two of our officers because they have “gone busy” of some sort, a member or two did not renew their membership, and some other challenges. But I am just so thankful that we have pillar members that are committed to the club success plan, to its growth, and to the development of each and every individual member.

Whatever their motivation was when they were exerting their effort, whatever their agenda were in giving their shot, I would say that it has something to do with commitment. And I think commitment is also the magic sauce in every endeavor.

Commitment, it is.

When I attended the Kerygma Conference 2012, at the Leadership Stream, Bo Sanchez shared about the four commitments of a leader to lead the team to victory.

Here you go:

1. Commitment to the DREAM

Jack and John were fishermen. They love fishing, a lot. When they set out to catch fish, their world just turn into a total bliss.

One day, Jack said to John, “We have been doing this for quite some time. But we are only two. How about organizing a fishing club so we can have more men in the gang?” John responded, “That’s a good idea!”

So the next day, they set out to the village and posted their invitation – “We invite all handsome men to join our fishing club! See you at the Banquet Hall in town for the Fishing Club Dinner.”

Their first activity was grand and they were able to attract a lot of members. The next day, they were able to have 20 new members.

“We are growing. We need to have more funds. Let us launch a concert-for-a-cause so we can attract more members and we can also raise funds.”

And so they did.

The next day, they reviewed the financial report – good profits! They reviewed their list – a total of 200 members!

“Look, we should organize more parties, events, and more and more and more activities. This is it! This Fishing Club is a tremendous success!”

But then one day, John approach Jack and said, “I thought this Fishing Club is a success but I think I am missing something.”

“What is it?”

“You see, we have been doing all these stuff for several months. We have grown our membership base. We have held a lot of activities in town. But then we forgot to go fishing.”

“It’s been a year since we actually went fishing.”

“I want to go fishing now. Can you join me?”

There’s nothing wrong with more members, more funds, more activities, more fancy stuff, but the core of the organization should always be there.

Whatever strategy that you want to employ along the way, go ahead. Whatever trail you want to take, go ahead. Whatever style or pattern you want to pursue, go ahead. As long as it won’t be at the expense of your dream, go ahead.

Commit to your organization’s dream – that dream that started the group in the first place. Stick to the call that you have answered. Stick to your dream.

2. Commitment to GROWTH

Bo shared, “If the leader stops growing, the organization stops growing.” It is, indeed, a must to keep on growing everyday.

It is growth that keeps the life of the living. If one stops growing, he or she starts to die.

Officers and members of the IAME & Associates Toastmasters Club 2012-2013 poses to celebrate.

3. Commitment to its PEOPLE

The leader should be committed to the personal dreams of its members. Achievements are wonderful but these can be shallow if people are not part of the end goal.

There are times when we are fixated to the applause, to the trophy, or to the medal that we forget that any achievement is never rewarding if persons are left out.

We, leaders, are sometimes trapped in this fixation. Sometimes, we use our members to achieve something. But how about achieving something for the members – together with the members?

4. Commitment to the present GENERATION

“The age range of your group should mirror the age of the society.”

They say that the depth of one’s attraction lies within the 10-year gap, plus or minus. For example, a 25-year old man can attract those aging 15 to 35; and a 45-year old lad gains the following of those aging 35 to 55.

Of course, this is not the absolute rule. It is more of a general or relative phenomenon. Looking at it, I think I have to agree. Just look around and observe.

That is why a mix of the youth and seniors is necessary. And if possible, the younger ones are part of the leadership team because again, the organization should mirror the age of the society. This way, there will always be a new breed of the young coming in the organization.

By the way, I like my Toastmasters club. It is a mix of young and not so young. It’s awesome!

So there you have it. And yes, I agree. This means a lot of work, a lot of effort, a lot of push. Say it – it’s easier said than done. But then again, knowing these and taking small actions to apply it can make a difference.

For the moment, ponder on how you or your leadership team is committed to your organization’s dream, growth, people, and generation.

Bring it to life and lead your team to victory.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

PS 1: I invite you to observe and see if you can benefit from our Toastmasters Club. We meet every other Saturday, 6PM at the IAME Bldg, Metropolitan Ave, Makati City (near Shopwise).

PS 2: The Kerygma Conference 2013 will be on November 21-24. Check it out. www.kerygmaconference.com.

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