How to Experience Miracles

Last night, I was trying to clean up some pieces of papers in my cabinet and I found a tiny sheet with some scribbling in it. I read through it and I remember that I took these notes from Bo Sanchez’s message one Sunday morning last year at the Feast.

It is about miracles.

Let me share it with you. (The main message is from Bro. Bo while I will be inserting some of my reflections and examples.)

Get ready to experience miracles. Here you go:

There are two levels in which you can experience miracles in your life.

The first one is when God gives you miracles.

There are times when you are on your desert experiences and then you will be surprised that some particles of manna would fall from heaven. They come as a wonderful surprise.

Think of those times when you were in need of something and unexpectedly, that something just walked right into your doors.

Yes. There are little and huge miracles that come our way.

One day, when I was in college, I counted my coins and bills (my allowance for the week) – they are about to be used up and it would not be enough to cover my needs for the entire week. Unknowingly, that same day while I was in school, our spiritual director in high school (also a friend) visited and before he left, he handed over to my sister a couple of hundreds for me, with a note, “Chris, here’s a little something for you.”

Call it kindness. Call it generosity. Call it a miracle.

You’ll never know when God works in mysterious ways and surprise you with pieces from precious people.

That’s the first level.

The second is when God gives you the power to produce miracles.

There will be a time when manna stops from falling but that’s also the time when you reach a fertile soil that you can till and sow seeds that will eventually bear fruits.

You are given a phenomenal power to produce magnificent miracles.

Let me talk further about my college days. Alms from awesome individuals were not enough to pay for my tuition. I’m pretty blessed that I receive some chunks from my older brothers and sisters but since their resources are also limited, these chunks came in tiny bits. (Nevertheless, they consistently held on to support me and my school needs.)

Yes, these are still miracles that I receive in level one. But alongside these miracles that I got, I was also able to produce miracles because I was given the power to bring forth blessings into my doorstep. In a number of terms, I got either a free tuition or a discount for being an academic scholar. Yes, with pride and humility, I say that I was given the power to perform.

This made me experience miracles in the second level.

My challenge to you is this – don’t be content in level one. While it is fantastic to receive miracles in level one, it is doubly fantastic when you produce miracles in level two.

In level one, you receive miracles. In level two, you reproduce miracles.

Embrace level one but don’t marry it. Pursue level two and marry it.

Because in level one, blessings are adequate but in level two, blessings are abundant.

Move to where the abundance of miracles mounts.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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