Is it bad to become rich?

So is it bad then to become rich? To answer this question, let’s take a look first at the three kinds of rich people as shared by Bo Sanchez at the Feast last Sunday.

1. Filthy Rich

An example of filthy rich is Gollum of the movie Lord of the Rings. Gollum wasn’t bad in the beginning but was corrupted when he came across the powerful ring. The good became bad because of worldly wealth.

You don’t want to be like Gollum.

2. Guilty Rich

An example of a guilty rich is like the woman who was is now earning three times more than her previous salary but is unhappy and worried. When examined about her unhappiness with wealth, it was found out that she has a distorted relationship with money. Her upbringing brainwashed her that money is bad. In her family, it was a taboo to talk about money. This made her feel guilty of her richness today.

You don’t want to be like this either.

You want to become the third kind.

3. Truly Rich

This is the person that is rich inside and out.

To prevent one from becoming filthy rich, that person should be rich in the inside before becoming rich in the outside. Why? It is because…

Money is a magnificent magnifier. It magnifies what’s within. Hence, if a person is selfish and cruel, money will magnify his selfishness and cruelty. On the other hand, if a person is selfless and loving, money will magnify his selflessness and being loving.

You see, money is not bad after all. It is neither good nor bad. It all depends on the one handling it.

But why do good people say, “Money does not buy happiness so do not pursue wealth because you will not become happy with it.” What can you say about this?

Well, this is seemingly true but is not. It is but rather a fallacious statement! It is not logical.

Let me borrow Bo Sanchez’s rebuttal on this statement and allow me to illustrate a bit.

First part (the premise), “money does not buy happiness” – TRUE

Second part (the conclusion), “so do not pursue wealth because you will not become happy with it” – INVALID CONCLUSION. This part makes the entire statement illogical.

Yes, it is true that money does not buy happiness but it does not mean that you don’t need money. You need it to buy food, to let your child go to school, to build churches, and to buy flowers and chocolates for your girlfriend.

Furthermore, let it be noted that money was never designed to make you happy but it was designed to make you helpful. Money does not enable you to become happy but it enables you to become helpful. And in the process of helping others, you become happy. Because in the process, you become more kind, more sharing, and more loving.

Let’s take an example:

Bo was once a poor missionary. He was happy then. He was also helping others then. He recalls a family that he used to visit in the mountains. Every now and then, he would buy pandesal for the family. In this simple way, he helps the family and this makes him happy. But there were also times when he wanted to buy pandesal but he had no money.

Then things have changed. Bo is now a millionaire missionary. Other than the ministries he founded, he owns small businesses that employs around a hundred. Before, he was helping out one family, of which at times, he missed. Now, he is helping out more than a hundred families.

Money does not make the difference. It is the core of the person that does. But money is a mighty enabler. It is a magnificent magnifier.

This is a challenge for you and me – to get rich in the inside then on the outside. To embrace God’s abundance and let Him govern every area of our lives.

This is the invitation for you and me – to become truly rich.

In this way, we glorify Him as the book of Psalms declares, “Let the Lord be magnified, who takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”

So get rich the right way.
Earn for yourself. Earn for your family. Earn for others.

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


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