Should you trade or invest in the stock market?

With a group of friends, we pooled a tiny fund and bought our first stock investment in 2007. I thought I can grew this to millions from that point but I was wrong. After a year, my friends decided to sell that then they gave me my share. Luckily, my tiny cash contribution grew a bit. Just a bit.

The moment I got introduced to stock market investing in college, I thought it was all about trading – that is to buy at a low price and then sell tomorrow or next Monday when it goes high. This means I have to follow the trend, I have to watch the market. It thought this is the way to play the market. But I was wrong.

Sure, you can do trading if you are skilled in it. This requires rigorous training and experience. But for one that does not watch the market day-in-day-out, this is not the right path to take.

If you are like me that do not sit his butt to observe every move of the stock price in my portfolio and that seemingly hot picks, don’t even think of trading. Don’t even think of doubling your money by buying low today and selling high tomorrow. It does not work this way. You’ll get crashed and burned.

This may work at certain cases but even the highly skilled and heavily experienced traders confess that they make tons of mistakes. Fortunately, that they have tons of money that they afford to lose.
But this does not mean that those without skills and experience and millions of cash cannot succeed in the stock market. My mentor has proven this. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

If you are a young mind like me that does not live the market, there is another path that you can take. A path that could have saved the 80% that lost their money in the stock market.

They chose the path that’s not for them.

They should have chosen the long-term view. They should have chosen long-term investing.

But they didn’t choose it.

As what my mentor says, because it’s boring. It’s like a turtle. It’s too slow.
Most people want to rush things. They want quick cash. They want to get rich quickly. They want to get wealth with a snap of a finger.

No wonder why people fall into scams. No wonder why people fall into gambling pits. No wonder why people pick penny stocks today aiming to triple their money next week only to lose all that they have next Friday.

It does not have to be this way. You can choose not to crash and burn with the 80% others who took the wrong path. You can choose the right path for you.

I don’t mean that trading is a wrong path. You can take this path if you have the skill, experience, and time. But if you don’t, I suggest you choose long-term investing. This will be explained to you further by my mentor.

However, long-term view is not enough. Buying now and selling 15 to 20 years after is not enough. It is just part of the strategy. With the strategy called SAM, we can sell in between – that is when a certain stock reaches its target price which maybe in the same year that you bought or a year after or some months even. But this has to be guided. My mentor will tell you more about this.

The other part is picking the right stocks – the right companies. Those giants that will stay even if there will be World War III. Of course, the war is just for illustrative purposes.

There more other considerations. But don’t take a sigh. They are simple.

With my mentor, you can take each bite size and take each small step necessary to make it. But I have to say, this is not for everybody. But if you choose to be part of the few, then you are on your way. Remember, this is pretty simple but it is not easy. It requires discipline. It requires guidance – that’s why we need mentors to guide us along the way.

I joined the Truly Rich Club in November 2010 but it was only in February 2011 (when I realized that I am losing a lot by not taking action) that I decided to open an account with Citiseconline (now COL Financial Group), the number one online stock broker in the Philippines. With the opening cash requirement of 5,000 pesos, I slowly pulled them from my wallet and funded my account. With my mentor’s guidance, I picked stocks from giant companies. Then I added each month with some little extra from my fund.

See! You don’t have to be rich to start. But you have to start to get rich.

Look, you can do this too. If you sacrifice to miss your premium latte or cappuccino of 10 cups a month worth roughly 200, you can add 2,000 to your stock investment each month. With Strategic Averaging Method that my mentor teaches, you can grow millions in your stock investment portfolio. Not next week, not next month, not next year but in 15 to 20 years, with your investment growing 15-20% a year.
But there’s more to know. There’s more to learn.

I urge you to make your first move now to keep the ball rolling. Remember, you may be in the right road but if you don’t start moving, you can get ran over by a 10-wheeler truck that can crash you.

So here my suggested action point that you should take – just one, a simple one:

Hear ye!

Hear it from my mentor himself by visiting this site If you heard of the poor missionary that used to believe that money is evil but now has been transformed, became a multi-millionaire missionary and is helping tons of people, the poorest of the poor with his several ministry works like the Anawim Home of the Abandoned Elderly, He Cares Foundation that takes care of street kids and bring them back to life, and many more.
Yes, I’m talking about the famous Bo Sanchez. So go ahead visit this site and hear it from him directly. Open yourself up to great wisdom and grow not just financially but also in spiritual abundance.

What’s inside:

In this site, you can get a free eBook from Bro. Bo that speaks about how he taught his maids invest in the stock market, including his driver. Now their investments are growing. You can get this initial learning for free. If you absorb each bite, you’ve grown your financial mind and now ready to grow even more to bless yourself and others as well.

There’s more:

If you decide to join this exclusive club, you get tons and tons of learning kit and freebies to grow financially and spiritually. You’ll get recordings of Bro. Bo’s powerful talks, books, and seminars. You’ll also get monthly stock updates to guide you in your stock investments; plus business strategies from him and his mentors as well.

By the way, did I tell you that this avalanche of wisdom can be acquired by a bargain price? A huge discount – it only cost like 3 cups of frappuccino a month – 497 pesos a month that is 17 pesos a day. Oh, does a bottle of soft drink cost even much higher than that?

Your 100% Guarantee:

Here’s what he says, “You have to really profit from everything you’ll receive from Bo’s TrulyRichClub. If for any reason, you don’t profit or benefit from it, you can simply tell us during your first month of membership, and we’ll give your money back—no questions asked!”

Note, it is not just about money!

This is not just about the stock market. It is not just about business and investments. It is not just about money. It is about growing in every area of your life with God’s abundance so you can bless yourself and others.

At the end of the day, the ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others.

So make your move. Do not delay. Visit this site now:

Your giant leap can start from this tiny step you make. Do it today. Go to

Live your life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis

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I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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