Share a Blessing, Fuel a Dream

Our ultimate purpose in sharing blessings to our less-fortunate brothers is to empower them. We do not want them to forever depend on other people. We want them to see the brighter side of life, the truth that many other people have been able to better their life, and that, they can and shall strive for better life, too.

That is why I coined the line, “Share a blessing, fuel a dream.”

It dawned on me when my cousins and friends in Kibungan (Norman Butil and company) shared their planned project – the Project SINELAS, that is to give slippers to our economically-challenged brothers and sisters in the far barangays of Kibungan who need but cannot afford to buy their own flip-flops. “Sinelas” is our (Kankana-ey) term for slippers. But more than the terminology, the organizers (Norman and friends) declare SINELAS to mean Sharing Innate Niceness Evoking Love and Success.

Yes, love is the power behind it. Love is the one that propels the project. And success is the goal. Success of the beneficiaries is the purpose.

We share our blessings and we want to fuel dreams.

Last December 11, it was the final act they had for the year. They went to the barrios of Lubo and Bokes. The first one was held last summer on the mountaintop of Batangan. The second was in Badeo, a barangay that can be reached after traversing rocky mountain ranges – a general fact for the town. (No wonder they tagged it – The Rocky Wall of Beauties.)

I wasn’t directly involved in the December 11 event but it is my joy that the core team kept the fire burning in their hearts, donors and sponsors continued to share their treasure, and several others helped out through their time and effort, in large and little ways.

I believe the team has a lot more plans this coming year and if you want to help out, just drop us a message. If you know Norman, please get in touch with him directly.

It is my goal to spread the word about this simple act of kindness where we can share our blessings to fuel dreams.

My reflection is this, in giving, the Lord’s example should be emulated.

He fed his people in the desert by giving them manna from heaven. They survived! And then He led them to the promised land – where there is abundance of harvest. But before the harvest, the people should work – pull the weeds, till the soil, plant seeds. That’s when the harvest comes. (I credit the analogy to Bo Sanchez, from the desert to the promised land experience.)

Yes, we want to give instant manna because our brothers and sisters maybe are in the desert. But we also want them to grow and be empowered – for them to work to better themselves.

That is one essence of sharing. Sharing can be viewed in different ways, but here’s one for now:

Share a blessing, fuel a dream!

Live life, young mind!

Chris Dao-anis


If you want to know more about the Project SINELAS, you can check this site or like the Facebook page here

May God bless you abundantly!

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4 thoughts on “Share a Blessing, Fuel a Dream

  1. This is moving. I can imagine the joy in the children’s faces as they receive their brand new sinelas. I am sure many of them will be a success in the future. Keep the fire burning. 🙂

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