Blueprints of Success

Do you believe that in the air, wisdom lingers? Do you believe that life’s lessons can be found anytime and anywhere? Do you believe that great life’s lessons can be gained from small encounters?

In a small encounter nineteen years ago, I realized this sublimely great life’s lesson:

Blueprints of success are available to us and they come in different forms in different ways. All we have to do is to recognize them then actualize these blueprints to produce results and propel our way to success.

When I was a little five year-old boy, I was unaware that an awesome success blueprint was being handed to me one late night before I went to bed.

That evening, I was wondering why my father and mother aren’t going to bed yet and it was already late.

I asked my mom, “Mama, why are you staying late?”
She answered, “Tito, (That’s how she calls me.) We are going to write a letter to your sister so we can post it early tomorrow.”

We were in the province of Benguet while my sister was staying in Metro Manila for her college education. Cellular phones and telephones were not with us then so to maintain the communication, my parents had to write letters.

So they were there writing while I was just seated watching the ceiling. TV was not yet introduced to us back then and the only technology found at home was the yellowish incandescent bulb.

Suddenly, while I was watching them religiously sliding their pens, the light bulb seemed to spark a thought in my young mind. I told my mom, “I want to write a letter to my sister too.”

I, a little boy who did not know yet about words, sentences and paragraphs, was boldly telling my mom, “I want to write a letter too.”

My father, seated on the right, stood up. He looked at me in the eye and asked, “So you want to write your letter?” I responded, “Yes, I do want to write a letter.”

He smiled and said, “OK.” Then he went back to his seat.

I didn’t know why he just said OK and then sat back.

I stayed put and waited. Thirty minutes passed and I was staring at that yellowish incandescent bulb. Then forty five minutes gone by, I looked at them and then stared back at the incandescent bulb.

I was waiting for almost an hour but nothing seems to happen so I told myself, “Perhaps, I’ll get to write my letter too when I grow up.”

So at the very tick of the clock after an hour passed, I decided to go to bed.

But when I stood up, my father also stood up. “Tito, here’s the draft of your letter.”

“My letter?” I didn’t know that he was writing the draft of ‘my’ letter.

And my mother handed to me a pen and paper and said, “Here you go. Rewrite that draft. That is going to be your letter to your sister.”
I couldn’t believe it. Before I went to bed that night, I was able to write my first letter, my first composition. Even without that technical knowledge of words, sentences, and paragraphs, I was able to write my first masterpiece.

That was the first one and that was the start of series of writings that continued through my elementary days, high school, college, and up to these days. I have written letters, articles, blogs, speeches, and an ebook.

As I pursued my passion in writing, the blueprint of a successful copy – in the form of a draft – has always been available to me till today. At times, it does not come so easily but when I start writing, the draft seems to present itself through the books that I’ve read, through the speeches I listened to, through the movies I saw, through the songs I sang, through the people around and through the simple day-to-day encounters that tickled my young mind.

Indeed, blueprints of success are available to us.

I urge you to recognize them so you can actualize them and produce results – from little to gigantic ones. Great and effective blueprints abound.

One example would be the programs of Toastmasters International. They are so effective that great leaders and speakers have emerged from these.

In the field of spiritual and financial abundance, I highly recommend Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club.

There are other forms of success blueprint. They surround us. It could be in business, investments, career, and in relationships.
In my story, a blueprint of success was manifested in a simple draft handed to me when I was a child. Now, I continue to receive numerous drafts through my daily living and I am so thrilled to believe, uphold, and declare that blueprints of success are available to everyone.

But note that having them revealed right in front of your face is not the end. Remember that the draft would be useless if you don’t grab your pen to write your own final copy.

So if a success blueprint is revealed to you, and you see that it applies to you, act on it.

Friend, the draft that comes in different forms in different ways is available to everybody everyday.

The draft is in front of your – ready to be rewritten by you.
It’s time to get your pen and make your own copy. Use it to your success!

Empower yourself,

Chris Dao-anis


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