Dare To Be Bold

Dare to be bold!

Yesterday, while we are on our way to Quezon Avenue for our practice with the rest of the PICC Feast Chorus, Bro. Rod shared about boldness.

He said, “I think the group needs to learn about boldness, too.”

I nodded to express my agreement then I asked, “What do you mean by boldness?”

He went on to explain and cite examples as we went through.

I understand that we should be bold in goodness. But often times, even when I do something good, I shrink myself. It is still a struggle for me to be bold.

But now, allow me to challenge you and myself to be bold.

I concur with Bro. Rod in saying that we should also learn to be bold – to be bold in the Lord’s light.

As ‘worshippers’, we should be bold in expressing our feelings everytime we are with and in the awesome wonder of God – that if you are high in the Lord inside, express it out. You let it out to the Lord because it is not about you and those watching you. It is between you and the Lord. And through your “communication” with the Lord, you share with the people around the enthusiasm you have inside.

And this is not just in singing songs of worship.

It is also true in our day-to-day walks in the achievement of our goals.

It goes with our daily encounters with other people.

When we arrived at the studio, the girls were talking about the Journey’s lead singer. It was at that moment that I realized that Arnel Pineda was standing by the door-side. I sensed, they wanted to have a picture taken with the famous guy. I, too, wanted to.

But nobody was trying to approach Arnel for such favor. I also thought he can’t be interrupted while he was chatting with the lady in blue.

And there came, Bro. Rod, in his boldness, approached Arnel and asked if the group can take a picture with him. Without hesitance, Arnel came in and we had the coveted photoshoot with him. Haha!

Now that is boldness. Pretty simple but not easy for everybody.

And I have a guess – boldness is a big factor that catapulted Arnel Pineda to the top.

By the way, all the while I thought he was that tall. But I was wrong. He may not be so tall physically but his boldness on stage and in his craft made him so tall.

Yes! One of the X-factors we have to live by to be great is BOLDNESS.

Boldness brings ordinary people to extraordinary performances.

In the middle of the traffic, Bro. Rod was sharing about boldness in the act of worship. And then there he went. He presented a demo in another field –

In the midst of the group’s restrained excitement to take a pic with the artist, he took the lead and what we wanted at that moment – we got it!

That is boldness!

Boldness helps you achieve your goal in any area of your life.

In relationships.

In business.

In your career.

In your own craft.

In life.

You don’t want to regret when you get old so act now!

Dare to be bold!

Chris Dao-anis
theYoungMind, www.youngmindgroup.com
…helping young minds live life!

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