Delegate Your Weakness

Delegate your weakness.

Brilliant managers of gigantic businesses do this. And you should, too.

This results in a wonderful team play or say – powerful synergy.

Two months ago, I designed a T-Shirt that we will be launching this July for the second project of the YoungMindShirts.

I can say that I have a sense of art. But I know I lack something when it comes to creating things with artistry and creativity. I sometimes create something good but not “cool”.

And so I seemed to have a problem – I want to produce something that is good and cool but I don’t know how to make it “cool”.

Then the thought came to my mind. I knew someone who does a great job in the area where I do bad.

I asked. She agreed. (Thank you, my friend.)

I am so happy that my friend Rowze Orteza agreed to recreate my design for our upcoming project.

And wow – she did it her way. It is fantastic!

I had to let go of my design. And I’m so happy. The concept is retained but what was once good is now “great and cool”.

Now, we are good to go for our project.

So again,

You don’t need to work on all your weaknesses, no way! We don’t have all day to work all the way.

Instead of spending hours to develop your weakness, spend the same number of hours to further develop your strengths.

I agree with Bo Sanchez when he shared this – that it is God’s invitation for us not to work on our weakness but to work with people whose strengths are our weaknesses.

That’s the way of life! He also declared:

Life does not reward you for being good in everything, but for being awesomely great in one thing!

Hours fly so fast. Instead of spending additional seven hours to develop your weaknesses, spend additional seven hours rather to improve your strengths.

The latter will yield seven-fold while the former may yield just one-third.

You don’t need to do it all.

Work with partners. Let them complete the dish!

Take charge of the tasks that correspond to your strengths but delegate your weakness.

Yield and be great!

Chris Dao-anis
…helping young minds live life!

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I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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