Declare Your Dreams

There is power in declaring your dreams, your goals, your desires in life!

Last year, I had this crazy idea of running the 21K – that’s half marathon! Just because I wanted to have the 21K medal and the finisher shirt! Haha.

Why crazy? Because it was my first time to join a fun run. I haven’t been running for years. What? I’m not even a runner!

OK. I may say that I am a hiker. But that’s a different thing. And I haven’t gone to the boondocks at home in Kibungan for so long now. The last time I climb the mountains was — I can’t even remember!

But there I go! I signed up. I told the manager that I was in for the 21K.

I told my friends about it. Not only that, I talked about some basic running tips in one of my speech projects in Toastmasters. My main audience was actually myself! And I told my audience that I am going to run the 21K.

I posted my 21K ‘project’ on Facebook and on Twitter! I was crazy.

After declaring it insanely in public, every other day, when the dark approaches and/or before the day breaks, I run the treadmill, I run around the block, I walk around the big posts of our building, I told my friends to come run with my at the park. I told myself, I had to prepare. I will finish the half marathon. I also researched about the average time a beginner finishes it – some say it took them 2 hours while the others say 2 hours and a half.

A week before, I thought of retreating. I told one of my friends, I think I won’t go for the 21K. He said, “No. You already told everyone about it. Even here on Facebook. Haha!”

I thought he was just kidding around. We’ll, I had the choice to cancel it. I had the choice to just run the first kilometers and can just quit after some. Some ‘concerned’ friends even told me that! Don’t stretch yourself, you don’t need to finish it. I thanked them and smiled.

“Maybe, it would have been better if I just registered for the 10K or 5K,” I told myself.

But then it happened.

That bright sunny Sunday morning, after 2 hours and 59 minutes of running (and walking), I jumped lightly toward the finish line. I was smiling to the ears. A lady approached me, awarded me my medal and gave me my 21K-Finisher shirt! (I know, that was too long but then again…)

I did it!

I thought of it. I told people about it. I exerted the effort for it. And then I accomplished it!

I am not telling you to register for 21K and tell people about it, just run some meters and then miraculously accomplish it. Wishful thinking is a different thing!

The point that I’m driving is that, there is power in declaring your dreams.

When you tell someone of your dreams, your plans, your desires, you make yourself accountable to that someone, to your dream!

This then pushes you to accomplish your dream.

This pushes you to exert effort.

This pushes you to prepare for it.

And before you knowing it, you accomplished it!

Start declaring your dreams!


Chris Dao-anis
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