3 Gems For You Today

My friends, here are 3 gems for you today:

1. Always play double. You cannot do it alone. Do it with God, He is your partner; and recognize that your partner is a God that cannot fail.

2. Always give your best shot. You may fail a lot of of times but give it your best shot nonetheless; because God does not care of your failures, He cares about your learning and development toward a fantastic victory.

3. Always trust your partner. God trusts in your awesomeness, He trusts in your capabilities, He trusts in you – His mighty creation. Now, trust Him. He is your partner, a champion partner.

Now rise up. Come to Him because God is in the business of resurrecting dead dreams. He will turn your mess into magnificence. He is a God of love, of unfailing love.

~ from Bo Sanchez’s message at the Feast, 6.24.2012

God bless!

Chris Dao-anis
theYoungMind, http://www.youngmindgroup.com
Live your life, Young Mind!

(Simultaneously posted at https://chrisdaoanis.wordpress.com and http://www.youngmindgroup.com/theyoungminds-blog.html.)

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help aspiring authors write and publish their books in six months. Since April 2020, eight new authors were coached under my banner program 'From Pondering to Published' and have successfully launched their books. The third batch is currently in progress and we are expecting more authors. The next one could be you.

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