3 Gems For You Today

My friends, here are 3 gems for you today:

1. Always play double. You cannot do it alone. Do it with God, He is your partner; and recognize that your partner is a God that cannot fail.

2. Always give your best shot. You may fail a lot of of times but give it your best shot nonetheless; because God does not care of your failures, He cares about your learning and development toward a fantastic victory.

3. Always trust your partner. God trusts in your awesomeness, He trusts in your capabilities, He trusts in you – His mighty creation. Now, trust Him. He is your partner, a champion partner.

Now rise up. Come to Him because God is in the business of resurrecting dead dreams. He will turn your mess into magnificence. He is a God of love, of unfailing love.

~ from Bo Sanchez’s message at the Feast, 6.24.2012

God bless!

Chris Dao-anis
theYoungMind, www.youngmindgroup.com
Live your life, Young Mind!

(Simultaneously posted at http://chrisdaoanis.wordpress.com and http://www.youngmindgroup.com/theyoungminds-blog.html.)

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