Breathe Deeper

Take time to breathe deeper everyday. It’s good for your health. It’s good for your mind. It’s good for your heart.

Deep breathing, compared to lazy or shallow breathing, enhances air circulation within and this enhances the work of the mind.

Deep breathing helps us a lot. Say, when we need to relax as you are faced into nerve-wracking encounters. Pause. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat the process. And don’t forget. Breathe in a deeper way.

When you need to speak your mind and inspire your audience. Shake off those butterflies in your stomach. Breathe in a deeper way.

When you are to sing your heart out and fill the world with music, breathe in a deeper way.

When you start your day, breathe in a deeper way.

When you go for a walk, breathe in a deeper way.

Live, breathe in a deeper way.

Just an hour ago, I was in a conversation with my friend Hanz Florentino from Cebu and the topic on breathing suddenly jumped in while we were discussing about powering up your morning ritual. And yes, whatever your morning ritual is, include deep breathing in it.

I recall my term paper when I was in first year college, English 2 – Writing in the Discipline. My topic was about breathing. By the way, I only got 98 in this subject. (Ahem!) Maybe, it should have been 88 but because my teacher took a deep breathe and with what she felt, she added 10 to it and made it 98. (Hehe.) Kidding aside, in that paper, I discussed academically the importance of deeper breathing. Don’t worry. I won’t rewrite my term paper here. In fact, I forgot most of the discussions I had in it. In addition, I think this kind of writing that I do now is way much different from the one I had with my academic writings in college.

But one of the things I found out while doing the research was that our “default setting” when it comes to breathing is that we breathe deeply. Look at how an asleep baby breathes, that’s how human is set to breathe. That’s our default setting. We breathe deep and it is from deep within the center. If you see how an asleep baby breathes, you see how the center part (say, the belly) expands when he inhales and the opposite when he exhales. That’s the way our breathing should be.

But I don’t know why we went on to change our setting and we seem to normally just breathe shallowly. Others say, we breathe lazily. I see this with myself lately. It has been long since I consciously made myself to breathe in a deeper way.

We have to reset back to our default setting. Pause a bit and take time to breathe deeper. Include breathing exercises in your morning ritual. Deeper than the normal way that you do, inhale then exhale. Repeat the process about 10 to 20 times. This will spice up your day!

To help you in reclaiming your default setting, have time to take a walk around the block. Run a bit. Take a plunge and swim some lapse. This will also force you (naturally) to breathe in a deeper way.

Research more on breathing. And apply what you will be learning.

Personally, I am writing this to remind me to breathe deeper everyday. With all the rushing and a number of stuff that we do everyday, we are prone to just breathe shallowly. We breathe lazily. But it should even be in tougher times that we breathe more in a much deeper way.

So, I just wanted to say: Breathe deeper everyday! It will make your day!

PS: And when you breathe, pray.

PS 2: My friends will be taking a deeper breathe as they climb once again the mountains of Kibungan to bring slippers to our young brothers there – the barrio school children in Badeo, Kibungan on June 12. This is the Part 2 of our Project SINELAS: Slippers for Young Dreamers. Thank you for your prayers and donations. To know more about this project, visit this site

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