Strengthen Communication and Earn. How’s that?

After reviewing my stock purchases I had today, I got myself on Youtube and there was this music video – Where Are You Now by the Honor Society. There were these gentlemen and their ladies enjoying the moment as the the following words drove in and danced with the music waves:

…To my favorite teacher (who) told me never “give up”…
…To my first girlfriend I thought for sure was the one…
…To the few who’d swear I’d never go anywhere
Where are you now?…

Hmmmm. Do you know that song?

Anyway, this reminded me of how I missed my high school friends when I was just starting my college days. And to cope with the times, my cellphone came into the rescue. I would buy load and register for Unlimited Text and send SMS to all my friends. At times I would just say “Hi!” while at other times I would be sending all these thought-provoking words of wisdom from the great thinkers of olden times.

I buy load for me stay connected with my friends. Through the miles, we remained friends. Communication was sustained and so the friendship was.

These days, I don’t text that much. I even text much slower now compared to how fast I could type texts on my cellphone when I was younger. (Now, I’m just young!)

For now, I prefer to communicate with my distant friends through Facebook, Email, or Skype but I still do need to buy load because every now and then, I need to call or text some friends, my family, some entrepreneurial partners, several outreach project partners, and many more.

While online communication is much available, the use of mobile phones is not much discounted. It is still part of the main stream of communication medium.

It’s so good that these are available for us to maintain and strengthen our communication with family, friends, and business partners. Brilliant inventors and innovators of these modern years continue to invent and innovate as they continually live up to their name and gifting. Such is a good news, isn’t it!

And I have another good news! Ready for it? Oh wait! I have to warn you. This may not be for everybody but to those who use their cellphones and buy load for communication, you may just have to take a look at this and investigate it yourself. If this is for you, then grab it. If you think this is not for you, it’s fine. Those who venture on this can still serve you and help you in strengthening your communication with family and friends.

We can still stay connected!

Those who want to venture in, strengthen communication and earn. How’s that? Simply, earn while you consume and there’s more than that. Learn more, click here.

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