Invest in Stocks Now

I bought a little number of stocks today and voila….the prices continued to drop!

Ouch!!! Loss on the record – I should have waited but worry not, that’s just paper loss. And because I consider myself an investor that eyes for the long term (hmmmm say, 10+ years), the short term ups and downs is just fine and of course is already a ‘given’ in the picture – and what you see in a decade graph is an upward line.

But for the trader, he might be scratching his head up to now if he purchased shares some hours back. I guess, most traders are not buying this time. I’m not sure about it.

But for those who invest, they even say that now is the best time to buy. So enter the market now and set your eyes on the long term. Apply Strategic Averaging Method so your costs are spread to its minimum.

Trading (buy now, sell tomorrow ~ literally) is done successfully by the elite few while most who “trade” fail tragically. Sophisticated technical analyses and prognoses are needed for you to succeed in “trading” while in the arena of “investing”, even Bo’s maids are doing great…

How about you?

Start investing now.


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