Going Solo (and Happy) on Valentine’s Day

Are you going solo on Valentine’s Day?

Are you sad to go solo on Valentine’s Day?

Are you happy to be on a date with your partner this Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day, will your Facebook status declare that you are single or in a relationship?

Are you happy either way?

These past weeks, I was hopping around the physical and virtual world and have been hearing a sound that seem to reverberate in the world of the singles.

In their latent or patent consciousness, some say, “My status on Valentine’s Day should be in a relationship.” Others say, “I will stay single.” The rest say, “I will turn single on Valentine’s Day. Happy Independence Day!!!”

Whatever your status will be, be happy. That’s how it should be. (I mean, happiness is not dependent on your civil or FB status!)

Don’t wait to be in a relationship so you can be happy. Or don’t wait to be married so you can be happy. Don’t wait. Just choose to be happy today.

Are you going solo on Valentine’s Day? I hope you will answer, “Yes, I am and I am happy.”

Are you in a relationship right now and still be on Valentine’s Day? I hope you will answer, “Yes, I am and I am happy.”

Are you in a relationship right now but wants to be released this Valentine’s Day? … Oh well, that would be a sad scenario. But if you need to, then don’t wait for Valentine’s Day. If that relationship is sucking you all up and draining you, then release yourself. Do it while it is early. Relationship should nurture you. If it is the other way around, how can you stay in that cage and be happy? Declare your own Independence Day if you need to. Today, be happy.

Now, for those who are going solo (and happy, of course) this Valentine’s Day, it does not mean that you go solo for the rest of your life. While some may do, others don’t.

Let me end this post by sharing some Relationship Tips for Singles from the Dr. Allan and Maribel Dionisio of Love Institute. (I got this when I attended the Singles Stream during the Kerygma Conference in November 2011.)


Here’s five in their long list:

1. List your core values in the areas of Love, Career, Money, Children, Communication, Religion/Faith and Sex. You and your partner need to have similar core values for greater compatibility.

2. Enhance your emotional maturity that entails flexibility, openness, confidence and emotional security. Attend two Personal Growth seminars to heal hurts and pains of your growing up years.

3. True love comes with time. An exclusive relationship of three years will test this love, needed for a happy marriage. Long distance relationship is not encouraged.

4. Marriage requires personal maturity. So it is best to get married in our late 20’s at the earliest.

5. Marry your last lover not your first or your one and only one. You deserve to choose the best.

We end the list here for now. 🙂
Other tips in other posts.

So on Valentine’s Day, whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, I hope that you will be happy. And right now, I pray that you are happy.

As for me, I am going solo on Valentine’s Day and I am happy. Of course, I don’t know what may happen these coming days… But one thing is for sure, I choose to be happy. 🙂

Cheers! Love life and be happy.


Live your dreams with love,

Chris Dao-anis


[This article is part of Chris’ first book – The Gift of the Ordinary.]

[Read other empowering articles of Chris in his column with the Herald Express here.]

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