From Bo Sanchez’s The Feast

It was my first time.

At 6 AM, I jumped out of my bed, drank a glass of water, and hurried to take my shower.

At 6:30, I was on the road.

At first, I thought of taking a taxi cab but thinking it is still early, I decided to take a jeepney. Thus, one jeepney, then a tricycle, then one more jeepney, and finally, the last jeepney.

Before the last one, I was asking the driver of the second jeepney where’s the jeep heading to PICC. He gave me directions (By the way, he is the third person giving me directions that morning.) Another passenger, a mother with her baby on her arms, overheard our conversation and said, “Sabay ka na lang. Papunta din kami doon.”

I said, “Thank you.” and joined them toward the other jeepney station.

She was carrying her baby with two more bags in her arms so I offered my help to carry the other bag. She handed it to me and we continued walking toward the final jeepney heading to the PICC.

As we reached our destination, I got off as she and the other passengers got off, too. I learned that they are going also to a religious event just across the PICC.

She asked, “Saan ka na, kuya?”

I bet she is older than me that she should not be calling me kuya but I just smiled and responded, “Dito ako sa kabila, sa PICC po.”

We exchanged smiles and bid each other a blessed day, then we part ways.

I arrived at the PICC at around 7:30.

Before I entered the doors of the Reception Hall inside the PICC where The Feast is to be held, a gentleman in his youth (just like me) handed me a two-page reading material about The Feast and the upcoming Kerygma Conference. I thanked him and told him that I was coming for the first time and ask where the hall is. He showed me the direction and said, “Welcome to The Feast.”

I smiled back and entered the glass doors.

I hadn’t had my breakfast yet so I looked around for something to eat.

I approached one usherette, “Good morning.” I asked, “I wonder if there are some water (or food items) for sale here.”

She pointed to the corner and said, “There are items for sale there.”

I walked to the corner and bought a bottled water and a bread, enough to serve as my breakfast. (Oh yes, next time, I should wake up earlier so I can I have a better breakfast!)

My takeaway 1:

“Ask and you shall receive.” I asked for directions from the driver, other passengers, and the usher and usherette; they gave me directions. Before, I could not even ask for directions from strangers; thus, I got none. Now, I asked; thus, I got one.

Your takeaway 1(My takeaway, too.):

Are you asking? Are you praying? Are talking to God’s people around?

At around 8, the band played the first song and then the mass commenced. The gospel reading centered on The Parable of the Talents. The priest shared a beautiful homily about the parable.

My takeaway 2:

Don’t be afraid to let your talents out. Share it. Develop it. It will grow a hundred fold. (Let me talk more about the parable in another post.)

Your takeaway 2 (My takeaway, too.):

What are your talents? What have you been doing with it? What are you going to do with it?

After the mass, Bo Sanchez was introduced and he dashed onto the stage with the glow on his face.

Among other things, he shared about the 90-10 rule related by Stephen Covey in one of his books.

My takeaway 3:

The 10% of our life is what happens to us. When you are stuck in traffic, when your boss nags, when your boyfriend leaves you, when your girlfriend slaps you, when your battery got drained… Anything that happens to you. That belongs to the smaller percentage – the 10%.

So what comprises the bigger percentage – the 90%?

The 90% is how you act on the 10%. It is how you respond to what happens to you. Are you responding positively? Are you reacting appropriately?

Note that the 10% is under the Area of your Concern and the 90% is under the Area of your Control.

The 10% affects you and thus; your concern. But can you do something about it?

You can’t!

The 90%, you can! This is the area that you can control. You have control to how you react. You have control to how you respond – to the bad traffic, to your nagging boss, to your boyfriend, to your girlfriend, to the drained battery… Anything!

You have the power to that 90%. You have the control to that 90%.

Again, that 90% is how we react or respond to what happens to us.

So what are you going to do with the 10%? This is still under the Area of our Concern.

The 10% that you cannot control – SURRENDER IT TO GOD!

You cannot do about it but the powerful God can do something about it.

Surrender the 10% and work on the 90%.

Your takeaway 3 (My takeaway, too.):

What are you doing with the 10%? What are you doing with the 90%?

Contemplate on this. Be guided. Be blessed.

PS: I admit these takeaways are but great challenges to me, too. They are simple but not easy. It requires effort, faith, and trust. I am sharing this as it pushes me to make my own effort; and if you learn something and do something based what you read in this post – that would be great. Let God be glorified!

PS 2: I told you in my previous post that I will be attending The Feast at least once a month but then now, I decided to attend every Sunday, except on impracticable instances, if any. By the way, I also had enjoyed singing songs at The Feast and it is just awesome. More singing to come!

This coming Sunday, I will be attending for the second time. It won’t be in PICC. It will be in the CCP Complex as it is going to be a Grand Feast as the closing of the Kerygma Conference that is going to start this coming Friday with a series of talks on Leadership Stream and an opening concert. (The concert – free admission.) On Saturday, there are series of talks on multiple streams that are to be held simultaneously; Being a single, I will be attending the Singles Stream. 🙂 (I don’t have a ticket yet but I will check on it these coming days.) The Grand Feast concludes the Kerygma Conference on Sunday. (Free Admission, too.) For more details, see

God bless.

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Live your life, Young Mind!

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