Start Walking


Walk from where you are.

There is no other way. Start walking.

Way back in my childhood days in Kibungan (aw, i-Kibunganak), together with some friends, we decided to go on top of the hill to get a refreshing view of the rushing rivers, hear the rustling twigs in the trees, and embrace the invigorating cool breeze.

Being jolly little kids, everyone is so excited to get to the top. Everyone is so excited to take a glance over the hill top. Everyone is so excited to experience the trees, the birds, and the breeze. The thrill is on the whiz.


“Let’s get this excitement to the top.”

“Let us not just be thrilled with the feeling; let us turn this thrill into action.”

Have you been or are you in the same situation but seemingly not heading somewhere?

Are you so excited to reach your dreams? Are you so excited to accomplish your plans? Are you so excited to achieve your goals?

Oh, well. Then get started. Start walking. Those may be little baby steps and that is just fine. It’s actually perfectly fine. It’s the way to start.

Back to my story:

Those who started walking and came with me enjoyed the refreshing view, the thrilling rustles of twigs, the invigorating cool breeze. Unfortunately, there are those who did not come with us. They did not start walking and so missed a lot. They missed the fun.

You do not want to miss the fun, do you?

Then let’s get it on!

Start walking and we’ll see each other at the top.

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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