Let Go, Grow and Glow

Let go for you to grow and let your life glow.

There are a lot of things that we need to let go for us to grow and let our life and faces glow.

What are these things that we need to let go? You may say your ex-lover and the severe pain he or she inflicted to you. True. Let it go.

There is but another thing that we must let go.

Have you ever observed how a child suffered from his dad’s ways, and when he grew up to be a father, he became like his father in his extremely horrific ways?

There is this story of how a woman came to be so cruel – she threw away her only child, and emotionally murdered her employees and the people around her – all because of her tragic childhood in the mean ways and undisciplined disciplining made to her by her father.

When I was child, I also had my share of bad and sad experiences in which I may not have been physically hurt in these instances but I was emotionally devastated. I felt like people are so cruel in this hurting world. In these demoralizing moments, I felt resentments, anger, and pain.

I don’t know your story. It may have been better or worse. You may have had a lot more difficult childhood experiences.

But whatever your story is and however bad and sad it is, we must let go of the sad childhood past. Those have happened in the past but often times we still carry them and have them lingering in our present life. This past is pulling us down, hindering us to grow and shine. The worse consequence is that we, too, will inflict the same pain or even worse to our sons and daughters.

In the book of the respected Dr. Scott Peck titled The Road Less Travelled – in numerous cases from his long years of psychiatric practice – he cited how tragic childhood experiences hugely and severely disturb ones adult life. He, on the other hand, illustrated how his patients grow and live their life to their benefit and to their family’s gain the moment they learned to understand and let go.

Life is so short to waste on living your sad past. Life is so short to waste on resentments or grudge.

It is time to let go today. Let go of the past and live happily today.

As I grew up, I have come to understand. I opened my eyes and mind. I opened my ears to words of wisdom. Through good men and women, images and scriptures, songs and books, I have learned my worth, the value of life, and the beauty of living.

I have learned to let go and it tremendously paid off.

Yes, my friend, you must let go of your sad childhood past to let your life blossom as it is designed to be.

Let go.

Let us grow.

Let our life glow.

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Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

4 thoughts on “Let Go, Grow and Glow

  1. This is a good post Chris. Level of difficulty of letting go will vary as it is a case to case basis. It is not an overnight process depending on the level of harm inflicted on a person.

    There is so much to be done like inner healing. One has to express himself/herself to be able to let go. Let me share with you this. I was able to forgive my ex-husband (my ex-batterer). It didn’t happen overnight. He tried to pursue me by promising material riches. I am not impressed with his money and attitude. Some people are just not meant to be together.

    1. Thanks for this comment, Kaye. Yes, it may take years to heal wounds though the sooner the better.
      It may have been so painful but the greatness of life is much more to waste just because of a single pain we had in the past.
      God bless. 🙂

  2. You’re welcome. The sooner the better –> it is easier said than done. With the visitations and child support conflicts, and, his meddling into my personal life, oh well, it was hard. He did think that I will entertain him since I had no boyfriend.

    I had to do some more drastic actions like creating a script making them think I’m getting married. Hahaha. So you know, the mother-in-law participated in my church annulment. It was too late for them to find out I wasn’t really getting married at all.

    Like I said in our coffee session with Miks, I am really fixing everything right now. I just have to draw the line and stop him meddling into my life more before I kill him with my own hands which I really don’t want to. It really is hard if there is domestic violence. I really had to undergo psychotherapy to let out all the negative energy in me. I have had two psychological tests which prove I am the average normal person who is being taken advantaged of.

    My level of difficulty is 10 out of 10. I really just held on to God. I believe everything will be brighter for me and my daughter. Faith works. God works in my life.

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