Filling in the blanks

The thing I love most about what I do is: the driving point that I am helping others as I help myself.


People might be surprised to know that: I often  answer questions in some sort of  abstract sense that would require a lot of time to concretize it/them.


The most important thing I’ve ever learned is that:


success is great ‘and’ significance is lasting.
The secret to happiness is: serving your purpose.


My best ever outfit consisted of: myself, my thoughts, and my experiences.


The soundtrack to my life would include:


songs of love, inspiration, and praises.
If I were the most powerful person on earth:


I would share my power to the powerless.
The best thing about family is that:


it remains intact despite the odds.
If money were not a problem: then achieving my goals and serving my purpose can be expedited.


When I retire, I would like to: invest time and days with my family.


The thing that makes my life worth living is:.


serving my purpose
My greatest hope for the future is to: live in the present.


My favorite moments are when:


I am in communion with myself, music and nature.
My most embarrassing moment was: when I was trying to be somebody else.


I’m saving up: for my future.


My biggest indulgence is: life


My 5 favorite  words are: live, love, learn, thank, share.


I aspire to be: Man of purpose


My Superhero: Myself and the Lord


The worst thing that ever happened to me was that: I  magnified chaos.


And what this taught me was: to look into what such chaos portrays in the opposite sense.


The thing that makes me most angry is: chaos


When I’m gone, they’ll probably say: Thank you


My current state of mind is: Okay


On weekends, some of the things I do are: relaxing (swimming, playing games, singing), indulging in personal development activities (reading, writing, joining worthwhile meetings), venturing on entrepreneurial dialogs/encounters, and investing time with the Lord.


If I were invisible for a day, I would: explore the difference between being visible and invisible.


The best thing somebody said about me was: ‘continue to be a blessing’


Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help aspiring authors write and publish their books in six months. Since April 2020, eight new authors were coached under my banner program 'From Pondering to Published' and have successfully launched their books. The third batch is currently in progress and we are expecting more authors. The next one could be you.

4 thoughts on “Filling in the blanks

  1. You are really inspiring.

    Blog like this are really helpful to individuals that are finding there purpose in life, just like me. I am in the middle of cross-road now. It seems like everything is floating in my life. And I don’t know where the what should land.

    I have done something in the past that have really affected the something that I really most wanted to do in my life. And this something is the first step in leading me to my purpose. But I don’t know if this something will ever be given to me. Sometimes I am hopeful, other times I am afraid.

    Indeed continue to be a blessing to others.

    Thanks for your post.

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