The Power of One

Each and every voice counts. Each and every vote counts. Each and every one matters.

All the way from the busy streets of Makati to the rocky roads of Benguet, I went home to cast my vote for the barangay elections – the result – my candidate toppled his rival with just one vote. Yes, one vote.

I do attribute the winning vote neither to my vote nor to any single vote of any other supporter. I do attribute this to the effort of each and every supporter that took the move, went out, and casted his/her vote.

In algebra, the value of one raised to the nth (say, any number from 1 to infinity; e.g. 999, 10000, 88000) power is one. Excluding negative integers, whatever its exponent is, the equivalent value is always one.

This shows that the value of one won’t increase if the multiplier is one itself. To increase its value, it must be added to another ‘one’ (i.e. 1 + 1 = 2) or to other positive numerical value (i.e. 1 + 5 = 6). After which, you can increase it exponentially by raising it to the desired power (i.e. 2 to the 3rd power = 8; 6 to the 6th power = 46,656). Behold the gargantuan result.

That’s in algebra. And it is similar with our encounters in different walks of life.

The value of one person may not be appreciated when he/she alone voices his ideals out, when he/she alone casts his vote, when he/she alone moves for society’s development. One’s effort shall be complemented by other people around so that results will be realized. While the power of one is so potent, its impact would be much felt when joined by other forces coming from others.

This suggests that everyone should contribute what he/she has in support for a common objective, which may be towards community development and betterment of life.

Hence, we are encouraged and challenged to continue participating in social discussions, in community endeavors, in nation building.

The scenario that I have just witnessed in this recently concluded barangay elections is just one of the numerous exemplifications of the power of one, not to the nth power – multiplying by itself alone, but when joined to the others then multiplying by themselves as a team.

The power of one is so powerful.

Use that power.

Participate not only in electoral process but in any sorts of social exercise.

You have a power.

You have a value.

Waste it not.

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

4 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. i like the way you compared the situation algebraically. and that’s so odd, winning by a vote. Here you or the town actually experienced how 1 is so important. kudos again i like reading your blog. and i did not go out to vote for the barangay election. tata.

  2. I like very much your blog. I recommend this to our Math teachers so that they would teach Algebra not only in real life setting but more so to inspire that anyone could make a difference.

    In your case, you did not only exercise your right of suffrage. Your vote made the difference. And much more, it inspired us (me too especially) that there is always a lesson to learn from getting involved in something that could shape the future of the community or as you said to the nation as a whole.
    Allow me Cris to share this particular article of yours to our Math teachers.
    This is related to the popular call that “if we want a better world, be a better you”.
    Meanwhile, congrats to your candidate (whom I know already)…. God bless you and may He gives you more wisdom to touch the lives of others.

    1. Thanks, Kuya Mac. You are right, “…there is always a lesson to learn from getting involved in something that could shape the future of the community…”
      Share it; I’d be delighted. It is in these simple ways (sharing life’s lessons) that I also become a better me for a better world. God bless!

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