Gems from an Umbrella Experience

I was walking home one rainy Thursday afternoon in the month of June.

It wasn’t raining that hard but the rain would be enough to wet you down, and perhaps, could cause you to catch cold and make you stay in bed for a couple of days.

I walked to the side so as not to disrupt the free-flowing pedestrians to get my umbrella out of my bag.

As I pulled up the zipper, I saw nothing but the pad at the bottom of the bag. The umbrella is not in my bag and thought I left it at the pad.

I then decided to take a cab. I pulled out my wallet, “Bad! I got no cash.”

I went to the closest automated teller machine to get some cash, purposefully, to pay the taxi driver as I would be taking one.

I pulled out my card, keyed in some digits, and waited for the cash. No cash was dispensed. I was upset.

I pulled out my other card, keyed in some digits, and waited for the cash. No cash was dispensed. I was more upset.

Still upset, I went out of the ATM booth, raised my palms to cover my head, and went to the walkway straight ahead.

I ran down through the underpass, stepped out of the escalator going up, and stood still just beside the guard.

I said to myself, “I’ll wait till the rain stops.”

Several minutes have passed, but the rain was still pouring hard.

I decided to take something out from my bag to cover my head and continue walking home straight.

I then opened my bag, not the main pocket that I already checked out, but now, the smaller one in front.

As I opened my bag, I was surprised and I think, I went mad. My umbrella was in the other pocket of my bag.

It’s a foolish thing, right?

Sadly, this happens most of the time in our lives – not exactly resembling the umbrella thing – but in the instances wherein we have the needed tools to get things done but we miss to recognize them that they are close at hand.

There are three points that I want to highlight in this foolish yet tickling-to-the-mind umbrella experience:

First, we tend jump into conclusion just by looking the issue at a single point of view.

Just like what I did – I opened the main pocket, the umbrella’s not there, and I concluded that it is nowhere.

People often miss to consider other points of view. People often miss to see the issues in different perspectives. People often miss to consider the things needed to be looked into for them to find a sound decision to jump to.

As a result, they make a faulty conclusion and then they take a faulty action.

Second, we tend to get upset in a given situation which when analyzed, is even a blessing, not bane.

They indeed should be thankful rather than be upset and wrathful.

In my rainy afternoon experience, I was upset when no cash was dispensed. I didn’t realize that with that event, I would be able to save a penny which may be enough to buy a burger at Mi-ki-dee or maybe a cup of tea from Chinatown’s specialty.

The other thing is being upset doesn’t even bring any good. It will just destroy your day. As the Law of Attraction would say, you will attract more things to upset you, more things to damage you, more things to kill you.

Lastly, we tend to look outside before looking within.

People tend to see what other people have and envy them. As a result, when they go out, they tend to go and try to bring them down or maybe get intimidated by them and feel down.

These three – jumping into a conclusion, getting upset in any given situation, and envying others rather than appreciating what’s within – all result to damaging effects in our lives.

We, then, are challenged to do otherwise.

That is to see all issues in all possible perspectives before drawing a conclusion; to look into the positive side of every given situation; and to look into what’s within, recognize those precious gems, develop them, and get out exuding.

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

4 thoughts on “Gems from an Umbrella Experience

  1. OMG!adng you touch my heart,yah sometimes because We’re so bc we tend to forget to count our blessings…so sad…but thats the reality adng and u knw adng when u’re upset there are things that u do or say that you’ll regret it for the rest of ur lyf …

    1. Thanks, Manang Maan.
      …and the Christmas Season is fast approaching so let’s sing – .Count your blessings instead of sheep…and I fall asleep counting my blessings!!! 🙂

    1. That’s right, Kuya Eki. There is really nothing to whine about. I am, however, reactive sometimes wherein I whine about things but as long as I am reminded of these things, I am moved to keep it cool – like lamb among wolves…. 🙂

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