The Three Sweet Sweats

Nothing beats being in the game.

This line came into my mind as I relearned three benefits of being in the game. This game may be a game in sports, a game at work, or any game in life.

Relating a recent encounter to a childhood experience gave me a fresh realization, a clear perspective, and a new learning.

When I was a child, my townspeople would usually organize games for the children during fiestas and Christmas. A lot of children would be participating in those games not only to enjoy the game itself but also to receive prizes and gifts. Every time a game is on, the other kids would run in a hurry toward the playground. I, on the other hand, just stood still, walked to the side, and sat on my butt.

I was a mere spectator then.

Last month, our firm had the PAlarong Pinoy wherein games like patintero and kadang-kadang were played. Together with some of my officemates, I sat on the side and watched the first game being played. When the next game was on, I jumped out of the bench and dashed toward the playground. I joined the patintero and played the dodge ball. I did some jumping on the left and shooting on the right.

I smiled, I laughed, and I shouted!

Truly, nothing beats being in the game.

I, hereto, humbly share the three benefits of being in the game, which I call “The Three Sweet Sweats.”

First, we learn new things as we do the real thing.

According to the Cone of Learning, developed and revised by Bruce Hyland from the material by Edgar Dale, we tend to remember our level of involvement – we learn 90% of what we say and do. It may be doing a dramatic presentation, simulating the real experience, or (on top of the list) doing the real thing.

Being in the game exposes us to the real thing. We face real situations, we solve real problems, and we achieve real results.

Second, we are made to belong into this social world as we are made part of a team.

We, people, are social beings. We need that sense of belongingness. We long for it. It is made part of human nature to seek for a group and live with it.

As they say, no man is an island, no man lives alone; or no woman is an island, no woman lives alone.

Being in the game make us part of a team – a member of a social group. As we play games side by side, we interact with the men and women of our land, and we get to belong in this social world of ours.

Third, we are made capable of sharing the experience as we face the real thing.

With the premise that we cannot share what we do not have, we then can say that we can share because we have. As we get into a situation, we submerge ourselves into the ocean of real life learning. When we have this experience, we are able to share it to the world with passionate enthusiasm, with exuding power, and (towards the end) with a sense of fulfillment.

These three sweet sweats of being in the game satisfy the needs of men and women to learn, to belong, and (towards the end) to share.

Nothing beats being in the game, indeed. If we want to learn, to belong, and to share, we need to be in the game. Again, this game may be a game in sports, a game at work, or any game in life.

So… will you be in the game?

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

4 thoughts on “The Three Sweet Sweats

  1. Aus a bro.aye engay adk py amu en i mansulat mu haha ishare ko kma abe lesuns ko kaiinum ngem bka mawrong gramar hehe.nice one!kep it up.

  2. Halu it’s an excellent write-up. I strongly agree with you because we cannot afford to remain mere spectators of the real drama unfolding. The more we become active participants, the more we could deepen not only our understanding of things but also the essence of our being.

    What is life after all if not to experience the essence of it and ultimately the mystery surrounding it… God bless you Chris and press on writing…

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